Zeroing in on Pakistan

By A Khokar      

The latest mellow drama of Mumbai massacre ends with a note that it is an act of some highly trained and skilled professionals; the exterminators that only and only Pakistan can produce. The zealots, who could show such a proficient command and courage in their execution of given task; specially the show of their endurance and ability to put up a fight for a cause that they believe; till their last bullet… and last breath. Is this just some cynical back handed compliment or a trap being set once again to blame Pakistan for another 9/11?

While the entire Pak Army and its command is concentrating on its reek miasma of FATA to clear some pockets infested with home grown traitors like Tehrik e Taliban (TTP is a cancer induced by CIA to work as mercenary for them); In which Pakistan believes that prevalent instability created by TTP especially in FATA area amounts to softening up of future battle grounds for US lead forces to move in side Pakistan on the pretext to quell terror and mop up the dens. But this is known fact that recent successes of Pak Army in their mission in FATA have not gone well with U.S. 

The blame game to draw Pakistan in Mumbai massacre, will certainly make the Pakistan eastern borders volatile and vulnerable. Perforce this will induce a thinning out of Pak Armed forces from western Frontiers and will also tend n divert the Pak armed forces attention toward  new threat from Indian Border. Mumbai mellow drama is prelude to escalation of clashes on Pak eastern borders, where invariably India will move her bulk of forces up on the borders to threaten Pakistan’s security. 

History shows that U.S and western forces are the warriors of depleted and forsaken lands and may not advance into the lands, where they may face any potent resistance. In second Gulf war US lead forces did not move in Iraq till Mr. Han Blix, Chief UN weapon Inspector had not categorically confirmed that there were no scud missiles left or any weapon of mass destruction found in Iraq. With the escalated situation on Pakistan eastern borders the western border will obviously have a reduced presence of Pak Army. The US drone attacks in FATA is found to be provoking to instigate the locals which more so demands the potent presence of Pak Army in the area. Beefing up and increase of vigilante on Eastern border will make the western frontiers depleted and more vulnerable. Over all Pak Army may find it self engaged at both the fronts. 

Last night. I came across a picture of New York Times- Photo gallery with a caption which speak volumes to grasp an insight of US forces future plans as well as their willy- nilly exercise of right to carry out attack and engage targets of their choice in side Pakistan. The Caption says: “Pakistani tanks firing toward militant positions in the village of Sabagai, in the Bajaur tribal region on the Afghanistan border. Pakistan is battling attacks by militants from Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Most of them are based in the rugged and lawless tribal region next to Afghanistan, where American and NATO forces are fighting an increasingly tenacious Islamist insurgency.” The last sentence is most intriguing giving an insight of U.S future plans to engage the target at their whims and will.

On the other hand once again the western media has started with its vindictive warnings that Al Qaeda plans for new terrorist attack on US shores are accelerating: Iran is recruiting homicide bombers to attack the US. Britain is becoming a staging area for al Qaeda. Arab press is reporting that Osama Bin Laden was planning an attack that would dwarf 9/11. These are all headlines from the last few weeks. Times of London had previously says that both British and US Homeland security have warned President-elect Barack Obama that there is a HUGE threat of a spectacular Al Qaeda attack during the U. S. Presidential transition.

Lord West of Spithead, the UK Home Office Security Minister also spoke recently of a “huge threat”; saying, “There is another great plot building up again and we are monitoring this.” Very conveniently there has been a direct implication staged in Mumbai drama that seven out of ten Terrorist who under took the attack in Mumbai are British-Pakistani Muslims from Northern England specifically from area like Bradford and Leeds. UK news papers are full of headlines with the claims that a number of young British Muslims with roots in Pakistan have been responsible for terrorist attacks, both in Britain and abroad. 

A finally of war on terrorism seems approaching fast…. This time, US may NOT ask the country like Pakistan;…”are you with us or against us” because the target this time is Pakistan itself. Israel may also be brought in. Mumbai like drama may also be orchestrated with some fatal causalities in Tel Aviv and Pakistan along with Al Qaeda implicated in it.

Lets close all the old and opened chapters. Some bad times are ahead. We as a nation need to forge unity within our ranks and rise to these new threats!!  This nation ought to stand behind its Armed Forces as a solid lead molten wall. We must know that the border lines; May they be country border or ideology border lines; only the sprinkling of blood on the borders lines keeps them live and give them a fresh colour. By Allah’s Grace; Pakistan armed forces and this nation is ready for any such eventuality. All the Pakistanis are well aware that it is atime when; Lahoo mangtee hay zameen e wattan.

Long Live- Pakistan