Zardari regime is so desirable; Obama admin is loving it

By A Khokar          September 21, 2010

Soon after the incident of 9/11; the American adventurists, took Musharraf by surprise to ask him to become their ally. Reportedly, without giving a second thought Musharraf opted to become a US proxy to serve US interests in this region. But soon after, it was realized; that somehow, he was proving to be a tough guy for them and was found playing a double game. There upon BB, a lady on a self exile from Pakistan living her ambrosial dreamy life in the west in ‘Surrey like palaces’ was picked up and trained to replace him. Arrangement for her installation were made but right at the time when she was to take over from Musharraf; American saw their dream plan shattering, when they saw that she too has gone in defiant mode against the will and wishes of US.

One can, well visualize that this has not gone well with American adventurist and eventually both these hard nuts, BB and Musharraf were cracked and smashed for good; BB was assassinated in the run of her election campaign and Musharraf was also sent packing…. and finally deposed.

BB death had generated a massive vote of sympathy; by which her political party–PPP had a cake walk to the rein of power in Pakistan. Asif Ali Zardari the widower of BB twisted and turned the situation to his favour and became the head of PPP. Eventually; he was now sitting in the president house as the new President of Pakistan.

Zardari being the known plunderer and pilferer was heading the country as a most powerful man. He selected his cronies to surround him as his ministers. There is unique part that democracy in playing in Pakistan that plunderer and thugs are now imposed over the heads of this beleaguered nation for at least next five years and they may not get rid of them.

In our region; Americans have their special prime interest that China an emerging Super power be contained right at the front doors of China in Afghanistan. Having secured a foot hold in Iraq; US is now all out to convert Afghanistan into another mega strong base like Iraq.  In the east, India is another emerging economic power for which Pakistan may serve a good buffer state, but this factor is most compelling for USA that they must mould a potent country like Pakistan and relegate it into some subservient order.  For which it is essential that Pakistan must be defanged and economically depleted to the extent that it remains knelt before US and at their mercy for the future to come.

Having got rid of two top patriot personalities off from the scene; BB and Musharraf; It is a big gain for US that they could earn in this region. In the wake of incompetence and lack of governances of present regime; the corruption, looting and plundering has crossed all the known limits. The evil of religious extremism is also playing havoc with the society. Country is teetering on the brink of its collapse and disintegration. Streets of Pakistan now know nothing except the widespread anarchy and chaos in their every nook and corner.

On the other hand the angered Mother Nature is unleashing its havoc and wrath. The devastating torrent floods have drowned some— one fifth of the population and took away the entire livelihood away from the people. Zardari government has failed to serve the affected in such testing times.

There is a sense of hatred toward present regime and hopelessness is found spread among the masses. Zardari and his cohorts have no sense of shame or guilt. On seeing their time drawing near; all the cronies are now out on shopping spree in Europe; especially in UK; where they are seen purchasing properties and securing their homes away from home.

Nation is termed as begging bowl in the world but reportedly; Zardari himself has purchased a newly built penthouse in Central London known as No1 Hyde Park which is worth some 140 million pounds. This is the highest one single bid that some foreigner has ever paid for a property sale proceed in London.

 This is how the masses are finding that their country is being plundered, depleted and degraded on a fast forward speed under present regime. From enemies point of view; present state of degradation and depletion of a strong resilient country like Pakistan trekking on self destructive mode may be most desirable for them; especially for Americans—that they are loving this regime. For sure, it is making of their dream come true.

 Our freewheeling Media may be speculating some drastic changes in the present set up but in the light of all above; any change in the statuesque is likely to meet a strenuous opposition from US administration as well as US lobbying groups employed in Pakistan.