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Kasab’s letter wouldn’t be accepted as evidence in any court: Ayaz Amir


By A Khokar,  24 December 2008



Pakistani Journalist Ayaz Amir said on CNN-IBN today that the letter given to Pakistan which India says is Kasab’s confession, wouldn’t even stand in Indian courts. India doesn’t seem serious to get to the bottom of who actually carried out the Mumbai Attacks. They’re more interested in putting International pressure on Pakistan.


Despite harping on about having given Pakistan proof – the reality is that the ‘evidence’ so far presented amounts to ONE letter, a confession statement given to the police, which wouldn’t even be accepted as evidence in Indian courts as per the Indian Penal code. Reportedly the letter is addressed to Kasab’s father. There are numerous flaws in the letter especially the word used are Hindi word and not from the Urdu spoken in Pakistan while addressing eleders.


Watch the video here:

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