Wishing Shoaib and Sania; a Very Happy and Pleasant Married Life


 By A Khokar,


Muhammed Siddiqui, father of Ayesha Siddiqui, the Hyderabad Deccan girl who claimed to be Shoaib Malik’s wife, filed a case against Shoaib under Indian penal Code Section 420 and Section 498(A) accusing him of ‘fraud’ and ‘cheating’.



  Shoaib had earlier rejected Aisha Siddiqui to take her into marriage, as the girl who was under stood to be his would be wife then was different; what Shoaib had agreed to and have been dating with prior to marriage. This subject contract of marriage did not go ahead.


Now; after having come to know the wedding plan of Pakistani Cricket hero to take Sania Mirza, the Top Indian Girl into marriage, the cunning and foxy Indian Media and other groups with their peculiar anti Pakistani mind set came into action and very cunningly started making their moves. They were successful in  instigating Aisha Siddiqui’s father to file a case against Shoaib and  make Aisha’s case scandalous in order to jeopardise the subject marriage.



Eventually, knowing the hype created by media and ill will of other groups, the local Muslim elders got gathered to evaluate the situation and very wisely came out with a viable solution; as how to dismantle the evil scandalous designs.



Wisdom prevailed and under the auspice direction of Muslim elders of the Hyderabad Deccan, the action of Divorce etc was devised as a measure to prevent the mishap. Rightly so—all the parties agreed and thus the ill wills of the devils are now made to shatter.


We can well imagine that the hype created by Indian Media and charges since levelled up against Shoaib were expected to result in the postponement of marriage for a considerable time and he could have been easily punished under these charges for at least 7 years.


But Kudos to both Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza that they both, very bravely and methodically; confronted the onslaught of media and are able to wade through the troubled waters….very successfully.



 Wishing them both a very happy and pleasant married life.