Wishing a Better Future for Middle East

By A Khokar • Dec 21st, 2008 • Category: Politics

Nectar and fragrant delights are the divinely blessings, ordained by Almighty God to the bees to receive a feast of regale and delicacy from the flowers. Bees gets this as a pleasant reward while serving the divinely mechanism of nature; of transferring the pollen of flowers to the stigma. Bees may not be aware of it that God almighty, the creator has so well designed and equipped them to serve the purpose of productivity as a regnant of ecosystem on our adorable planet…Earth. Bees enjoy the nectarous drink and ambrosial feed. They spend their pleasant time in the fragrant surroundings while performing the delicate job of eco in nature. This is a guaranteed reward of nature as long the cause is served and bees do not destroy the synthesis, beauty, colour, sweetness and smells of flowers.

On the other hand, Locust, green fly and caterpillars squander and waste the flagrant flowers by eating up and destroying them. Their greed and act of rampage earns them only vexation and nectar turned into gall. These assailants always leave their bad smell behind. The pleasure, the sweetness and tastes of nectarous, ambrosial feast and basking in the perfumy surroundings are little known to them.

Like wise, few centuries back when most of the world was primitive; European nations were rich in industrial knowledge, and equipped with skills and technology. In quest of markets to sell their product they made great voyages.

Most of their destinations were in far off, uncivilized, primitive world. While selling the product they also transferred some user’s knowledge and know how to the buyers. By doing this they were serving the cause of God to spread the knowledge and disseminate the light to the darker world. In return they use to come back home loaded with riches and merchandise of far off lands. These riches were the pleasant rewards like the nectar bestowed to bees for carrying out their angelic duties.

In the past this unspoken covenant of serving the cause by western nations was seen credible. In the process the recipients learned and gain knowledge and voyagers amassed mountain of wealth and riches. Back home, general living in Europe was transformed and once thatched roof buildings were seen turned into lofty high rising…dwellings.

Depending upon the influence established in their trading domains, different European countries started exploiting the host countries and wade their ways to settle there in on permanent basis. New plans were formulated to conquer the world and bring the lucrative lands in their folds as well as to pillage the spoils and amass wealth. Various methods were tried to subjugate and emasculate the local chieftain and natives. With the increase in the greed and race to control and grab the land; local chieftains and tribes were very tactfully pitched against each other and famous technique of ‘divide and rule’ was the order of the day. Most of the countries of South America, Middle East, Africa, Indian subcontinent and Far East started becoming colonies of foreign powers. Thus a colonial era came into existence.

The new settlers brought in their own administrative set up and enforced their own rules to gain administrative control. Local languages learning increased and slowly the institutions for education, and centers for establishment of law and order started taking place. Roads and communications improved. Locals were also engaged in administrative set ups. The once wild countries now, started getting into orderly shape, with a western touch. This was befitting and was going well in a way. Although all the ‘going out’ from such countries in the form of wealth, riches and merchandise etc were much more than what was being received in; in the form of improving of system in the countries, their roads, communication and state of administrative order.

God has created a balance world and loves fairness in the business of give and take by his people. The Koran, (the latest book of instruction of God) on the subject of balance and justice, says: Ch: 57 (Al Hadid) v 26:  “Verily, We sent Our Messengers with manifest Signs and sent down with them the Book and the Balance that people may act with justice;…Surely, Allah is Powerful, Mighty”.

As the time passed, in order to extend the control and to avail full domination of colonies, many other methods were also adopted. To coerce the natives to adopt a western way of life, the tool of Christianity; the religion of the subjugating western powers, was also brought in and was vastly used. It worked successfully and conversion to Christianity by the western Christian priests at a massive scale is seen is on records in such colonies. With the help of Christianity a full domination was achieved in all the colonies; from American continent, to Africa, Indian subcontinents and to the Far East. The famous African shibboleth fits the situation; ‘they gave us the Christianity but took away our piece of land’.

This was followed by a full occupation, by using the armed forces. Military cantonments, strong built government buildings, forts and other strong holds were built. Although the entire Middle East was also in occupation but because of presence of the Muslims Holy cities of Mecca and Medina and some old strong holds of Ottoman Empire were still live and effective in Iraq Syria and Turkey; there was a limited conversion to Christianity in Middle East.

This phase is stretched on a long period of time. The colonial western powers like England, France, Spain and smaller countries like Portugal and even Nether land also held their colonies operated on full scale and extracted all the riches and wealth of these colonies; depriving the native of their rights till such time that these were fully squeezed and depleted.

Enough is enough and God, could not see their hold no further. Before it was stretched too far; God almighty gave a stir; right here in Europe; a man like Hitler came into action. He stirred and toppled the colonial bases at home and this eruption turned into WWII. Resultant; there were untold Atrocities committed and millions of people including colonial forces perished. Losses were so huge that it forced all the European colonial powers to pack up from their colonies. More than forty enslaved countries were set free. One wonders who could be crowned as victorious or leader in this operation of freedom and salvation?

After WWII, there came a run of cold period: then came a fall of Soviet Empire. Soviet Union packed up and retreated from Afghanistan. The vibrant proxies like Pakistan were in play and in full action to push forward the new American agenda. Soviet were also forced to say good by to her various coerced states of her former Empire and they were released of Soviet Shackles.

After the fall of Soviet Union and having the cold war phase also ended, World has ended up in the lap of the lone super power–United States. United States supremacy seems to be bent to take the world for a big ride of –US heavens called ‘New American Century’. This is era of ‘advance technology and information and the flood gates of information are open. Common man is in access of it. The abundance of all sorts of information demands sifting of the clues to find the truth. To control and block the flow of true information or spread misinformation; this has given a birth to the new think tanks of Neocons to devise their policy of ‘Fallacy and Deception’. This policy is very keenly being revered by United States and her other allies’.

In order to avail the hegemony in the world and to establish US Empire, a phony war; in the name of ‘Global war on terror’ is on. To push forward the agenda of American Empire and bring all the lands; rich in world economic resources into American fold; a huge number of armed forces are in operation, in Middle Eastern theatre. We live fully enslaved to the well stretched clutches of media and find ourselves in a full grip of it. To keep the public opinion as favorable and to cover up the atrocities being committed at abroad by our armed forces; new rules of exception on ‘self devised morality base’ are frequently carved. Various proviso to avail a favorable public opinion; are skillfully formulated and modified on daily bases.

This has kept on coercing the entire world to live a life hung between terror and death, while leaving them with no clues to sift for the truth or source of information fed to us. There seems to be now only two super powers, in operation in the world; ‘United States’ and ‘public opinion’. Former is at war with the other but; it has faced lots of difficulties to win over to keep the public opinion in the camps of western oppressing US lead forces in the face of resistance and resilience put up by local decedent groups in Iraqi and Afghanistan theatre has faced a severe set back and facing a scenario of defeat. Withdrawal of all the troops has been announced. British may quit Iraq before the Middle of year of 2009. President Elect, Barrack Obama after assuming the seat of power next month is likely to announce a ultimate U.S. withdrawal of troops in phases starting from next year.

Earlier in order to create an eruption and dustup an upheaval in Middle East and up root the existing roots of Middle Eastern societies the Neocons [1] very conveniently floated an idea of carving the ‘Blood borders’ in Middle East. To re-carve the new borders according to tribes and clans found in the area.  This is a hidden agenda to disrupt the well seated old British colonial rule of division of local communities and their demarcations after WWII and an effort to draw the new maps of Middle East, south east and Central Asia. This menace has considerable hidden implications to up root the settled societies and destabilize the Arab nations at large for a long time to come.

To Wish Middle East a better future may be a far cry; till some times that God also finds it as; enough is enough and some devout man appears and designs of evil are frustrated; the Midlle Eat is freed from the clutches of the western oppressors and world is depolarized once again for a better future.[2]

But they say the devil is never at rest. After having consolidate the positions in Middle East; the war is being shifted to a new theatre; Pakistan. Where the arch rival of Pakistan; India is being encouraged and assisted by U.S, Israel and Britain to launch offensive aggression on Pakistan Eastern borders. Pakistan is being targeted and squeezed from all  sides to make sure that it is depleted, crippled and disintegrated before it finally falls and scum to the oppressors designs. (God forbid)

Drum beats of war are getting closer. Lately U.S. has announced a mega reinforcement of US lead forces to be located in Eastern Afghanistan on  western borders of Pakistan, where India is the new ‘U.S. proxy in command’ in the Region’.


[1] Neocon Group lead by U.S. Lt Colonel (Retired) Ralph Peter. Policy Plan was published in US Armed Forces Journal in 2006.

[2] Ghulaami main nah kaam atee hain Taqdeerain, na Tadbeerain

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