Will US let Pak Army be crowned for Victory in Waziristan?


By A Khokar          02 November 2009


 After incident of 911 that US declared an all out war against terror in our region against Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. There was the time when war was seen drawing nearer to our western borders that Al Qaeda was allegedly using our FATA territory as their sanctuaries. Reportedly Al Qaeda was carrying out their subversive activities inside Afghanistan and when they used to return back to our area—- in their hot pursuit, quite often US-NATO forces while chasing them  crossed over in Pakistan.


Musharraf as an ally in the war took the responsibility to deal with these sanctuaries of Al Qaeda and moved Pak army in the most inaccessable land in the world. Pakistan received some billions of dollars in aid to quell this evil present on our soil. On the face of it, knowing it to be such that Al-Qaida was present there; its presence was altogether denied in our press and Media. US–NATO forces as well as our government although knew it well but Pakistani public was consistently kept in dark. No effort what so ever was made to take the public in confidence or to form some sort of public opinion against this evil of Al Qaeda. This is the biggest hypocrisy and blunder [1] that Pakistan has ever committed. Later when Al Qaeda aggression escalated; our own Armed forces were asked to start a limited war against Al Qaeda in our own areas but some how the press which was calling itself a free press, probably at the behest of the government of the day picked it differently and we were lead to believe to call it a US war.


This gave birth to a unique national dilemma of ours—- to follow a dual faced policy to keep the public at home there by in dark as well as international Media in illusion of our hide and seek business against Al Qaeda. But time kept on fleeting against Pakistan very fast. At the same time Pakistan could not read the American designs or comprehend it well that a super power USA who had travelled all the way some seven seas to come across here and sat in our neighbourhood with the aim to debar this nation of our nuclear assets and disintegrate who is allegedly supporting Al Qaeda——- could  frustrate US designs so easily. Rather our dual policy resulted in keeping the phenomena of terrorism alive and thus provided a desired pretext to US to camp in our neighbourhood along our borders. Our strategy was certainly not working.


Mean while the reality of existence of Al Qaeda on ground has been taking its heavy toil and it was catching us up fast. CIA very successfully launched a decoy in shape of Tehrik e Taliban- in Pakistan (TTP) to destabilize Pakistan from with in that our intelligence services were also unable to counter their onslaught. Ultimately Pakistan scum to its dual faced policy. This has been the major blow and failure to the Pakistani adopted strategy and in no time the entire society was seen falling in the clutches of TTP ideology and at their mercy.


Consequently Pak Army was made to move in and they were able to eliminate the evil from one of the area of Malakand and Swaat. As a second phase against the main den of Al Qaeda and TTP an operation ‘Rah e Nijat’ is since in progress in South Waziristan to free the area of this menace.


Pakistan has kept hiding the presence of Al Qaeda on her soil. This gave a free hand to their off shoots like TTP and others a leverage to flourish and they have been getting stronger day by day. The Satan having stashed its pockets with US dollars was on loose in disguise as Islamic preacher using religion as weapon and was able to extend its influence in other areas also. The greedy, godless and profane Mullahs sitting in the madrassahs across the country provided them boarding and lodging in order to spread their doctrine and made available the vulnerable destitute youth, especially in rural areas to be recruited as fodder and to become their foot soldiers. While the government kept on sleeping on wheels the TTP supported by political forces like MMA and JUI-Fazlur Rehman were seen turning into monsters.


But now at last when the mega military actions against the monsters of this terrorism and the dens of Al Qaeda is on and victory is (God willing)—–but certain——- should we assume that US lead NATO forces will let Pak Army be crowned— alone for all this and they will keep on sitting there on their hunches idle? Will they simply pack up and go? Is that —– all?


This is trillion dollar question that US which has spent some trillions of dollars for last eight years on their Armed forces and their supporting groups—– to come invade Afghanistan and catch just one person—-Osama bin laden——- whose ragtag forces are now hauled up by Pak army and end is drawn so near;


Will US let Pak Army be crowned for Victory in Waziristan?


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 [1]Lamhoun ney khatta ki hey;

     Sadioun ney Sazza paee