Will UN show its Consistence against ‘The Arab Dictators Club’?

Arab lands are infested with more than dozen dictatorial regimes. Lately the class less, non violent and secular uprising Jasmine Revolution has brought a wide spread wind of change in the region. This uprising has broken the threshold of fear which kept the masses subjugated and enslaved for decades. In the wake of the movement; it is not likely that same fear may be injected back.

 Two of the Arab tyrants of Tunisia and Egypt are down. All the other dictators are shivering in their pants and no one wants to be marked as the third Arab dictator to go down like the earlier two. There is utter chaos seen in ‘Arab dictators Club’ fearing losing their grip on the masses. All possible measures seem to be in practice as how to harness the change that this spring of 2011 has brought forth in Arab lands.  

Arab lands produce most of the mineral oil which runs the economies of the world and all the advanced industrial countries in the west draw it from here. Ever since the Oil is discovered in this region the West which happened to be influential as the old colonial God father of the region had since devised the policy to install the regimes of despots in oil region who may stay under their command and rule and police the masses in the Arab streets as tyrants. The oil producing countries may it be Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, group of Emirates of Arabian gulf; even Egypt, Libya Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco are invariably dictatorial regimes serving their western masters who feel at ease while dealing with one despot atop than the plethora of government officials if they happen to be elected by the peoples. Hence emergency rules and laws of tyranny are common throughout Arab lands to curb any political activity or the call for human rights or the freedom of speech which may challenge their regimes. All such activities are totally banned.

The recent wind of change creating an uprising through non-violence, classless and secular and it may be jolting the regimes locally but it is proved to be most distressing for the western powers and their interests. They feel utterly frustrated as the new change is expected to leave them high and dry in the long run.

Out of all this set up of dictatorial regimes in Middle East and North Africa, Muammer Ghadafi although is a dictator in the list but is an odd man out that he does not like to obey the western masters’ command and prefer to remain out of ‘Arab Dictators club’. Hence in order to avert the Jasmine Revolution and thwart and frustrate the revolutionist and divert and ditch the fast moving wind of change in the region ——the ‘Arab Dictators club’ has decided to single out the odd man out Muammer Ghadafi of Libya —-to be made a scapegoat.

 Muammer Ghadafi on any accounts may not be graded a lesser or bigger evil than any of the other tyrants like in Saudi Arabia, Syria or in the princely states of emirates of Gulf. He is known for his blatant posture at home as he remains pitched against other smaller tribes in Libya and has many enemies in and outside Libya.

 Treachery, perfidy and treason remain the old tool in the hands of the rogue elements in any nation to rebel against the regimes. Reportedly the Libyan tribes in the East around Benghazi city have fallen prey to the exploitation of western subversive forces in the east of Libya. France is in lead and finding it ripe to bring about a change in Libyan regime and install peoples of their choice in the country from where Europe draws most of its oil. France has instigated the tribes around Benghazi to rebel against Muammer Ghadafi. Rightly or wrongly Ghadafi moved its forces to suppress the uprising.

For the known Libyan tribal turmoil and the blatant leadership of Muammer Qaddafi, all the tyrants of Arab world have joined hand against Ghadafi. OIC the (Organisation of Islamic Conference) with connivance of oil producing states, GCC (Gulf cooperation Council) have very sheepishly asked the European coalition to make a move to support the rebels in the east and to dislodge the odd man out Muammer Ghadafi from the power.

 Very tactfully France and UK approached the UN to pass a resolution against Ghadafi regime to implement a No fly zone for Ghadafi Forces to control the uprising in the country. On this pretext and in the light of UN resolution 1973 since forged; all the possible capabilities by which Ghadafi may make move to exercise his command over his country are being hampered by destroying his armed forces and leave them crippled. Libyan Air force is virtually taken off from the Libyan skies as well as his command and control structure.

 Reportedly the rebels known as National council are being armed and supported by Arab regimes of Saudi Arabia, European as well as US.  This is likely that Libya as a country is plunged into a civil war. The main eastern Cities like Tabruk in the east, Benghazi and Ajdabiya are in the control of the rebels of national council where ethnic cleansing of pro Ghadafi tribe is on. A mass killing of Libyans at the hands of Libyans is very much expected. After implementation of No fly zone by NATO forces, the Ghadafi forces are also subjected to No Drive zone from the air strikes by the NATO aircrafts attacking and patrolling the Libyan skies 24/7.

The question arise that: Will UN also show its Consistence to move against the western sponsored ‘The Arab Dictators Club’ head by Saudi Arabia? The plain answer may be; NO.

But Jasmine revolution is classless, non-violence Ghandian move to bring about the sure changes in the societies of the Middle East. It is to grant the enslaved masses with their freedom and breaking of shackles of their subjugation by the oppressive forces. This movement is the most potent weapon in the hands of masses against all the oppressions and any such move of old colonial powers to thwart its progress. Any orchestration as in Libya and push the country in civil war or any other moves may no more be significant to divert and ditch the wind of change found sweeping and advancing in the Arab lands to bring a real change that masses envisage so.

 Wishing you all a happy spring landing in the Arab world