Why US Drones are attacking us?

By A Khokar         November 02 , 2010

Pakistan is in the thick of War against terror and has suffered the most in terms of the war causalities of Pak army soldiers, indiscriminate killing by drone’s attacks in northern area and thousands of civilians that they are killed by bomb blasts and suicidal attack in public places—since carried out by the CIA supported Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan (TTP). There is no estimate available as how many children ladies and men are maimed in these savage attacks and how much of the properties is lying totally destroyed……… but there is a unique phenomenon of this war that Pakistani general masses are not told that:

  • Why US Drones are attacking them and why they are not shot down by our air force or why our ground forces are hesitant to engage them by surface to air missiles or anti air craft guns.
  • Why Pak army since deployed in Waziristan is seen failing in eliminating TTP and why after all their savage attacks are not condemned by certain religious groups in Pakistan.

Matter of the fact is that in the bigger game of US; Pakistan has agreed on a price to act as decoy and to carry out all such tasks which may facilitate our master—US to carry on with his plans— It is all a paid up job and Pakistan receives a handsome amount for this; may it be that our sovereignty or borders are violated or thousands of person are killed…..or they are maimed as collateral damage. Pakistan government and its military are very well paid.

So please be warned that Pakistan has been sold out on a paltry price…. we all are now somebody else’s property—so please do not complain. Just sit back and better enjoy…this inevitable molestation.

 Wataney Faroukhtan; Wa cheh Arzaan Faroukhtand