Why the Drones may not go off our skies.

Scores of Drones are stationed at Bagram air base

By A Khokar      January  18,  2011

If Al-Qaida and their hosts Taliban were that capable that it could under take the most gruelling task, some thousands miles away from their base in Afghanistan,  like we saw of 9/11, directing two Jet airliners on to the target twin tower in USA,; admiringly the sharp turn manoeuvring under taken in directing such a large body airliners with precision on to the target in the air aviation circles is graded as unique display of pilots expertise. But how come the target like Bagram Air base where scores of Drones predators are stationed in their home land Afghanistan; daily engaging and destroying the rest resorts of Al-Qaeda and Taliban and killing and mutilating scores of innocent men, children and women on ground but it goes go unnoticed.

we have seen that so far in retaliations, the forces reacting to this savage killing; rather than going and attacking the targets like Bagram air base; this twisted mind lot is misdirected to the civil markets and other vulnerable places like Qisa khawani bazzar to kill own people by suicidal actions.

 What is this dilemma?

Few years back I was able to carry out a study in the area of general behaviour of people of our North West frontier from where Al Qaeda and their host Taliban belong. While going through the very old books and other information available; I was horrified to find that; deceit, betrayal and sleeping with enemy and mint monies are the long old norms, the traits and traditions of our land where people live within and in the adjacent areas of Koh e Hindukush and kirthar ranges. These ranges are known for their major passes as gate ways to India like Khyber pass, Gomal, Khojack, Tochi, Bolan and another ancient route to India via Karakoram Sar pass, the famous Alexander route in far up in the north. These areas and passes now form as a major part of present day Pakistan.

 Whereas these passes always stood there to guard as the defence gates to main land India but there has been no dearth of local lot who would deceitfully act to compromise the sanctity of these defence gates.

These deceitful people have always worked as the hirelings; mercenaries and have been escorting the invader armies through the difficult terrain of Hindu Kush and Kirthar ranges. They will escort the invaders through mountains for money and when these invaders used to come back laden with the booty from main land India, they will lay ambushes and loot them or kidnap them to have their chunk of share. Since ages this remains the practice as a means of their earnings for living. Yet the peoples from the adjacent areas, lying off from mountainous ranges along the tributaries, used to join the invading forces and are known as loyal foot soldiers.

Surely while passing through the passages to main land India, the invaders were to conquer the lands en routes and these elements have remained at the forefront in helping the invading armies and conspiring in dislodging the defences of local armies. The stigma of disloyalty to own home land for sake of money and to work for the foreign elements is found as a known norm. No wonder all the Maliks, tribal lords of even today are found in the forefront in such like plays.

The west is very well aware of all this and in the present age and time when the western forces are found pitched on the other side of Hindukush and Kirther ranges ready any time to cross over, the hirelings and mercenaries are seen on fast forward mode to cut deals with invading armies; even the religious groups and so called the religious stalwart and zealots—they too are dithering not to get involved in these practices of deceit but get paid. Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan (TTP) the known brain child of CIA raised to subdue Pakistan through subversion is one such example where known figures like Fazlur of JUI and his cohorts have been very active in raising TTP and allowed to breeding and we see that it has turned into monsters. They foresee building up of a potent political clout. ANP the ruling party of this province is also not far behind; simply one has to read their manifesto.

 Ever since the incident of 9/11 in New York, the ominous presence of Al Qaeda, a wealthy fugitive lot sticking here in Tribal area from Arab lands is declared an enemy of the west. This is yet another example that for the sake of money, how the local tribes while acting as hosts of Al Qaeda are giving them the shelter at the cost of even compromising the sovereignty of our own home land Pakistan and get paid; whereas Al Qaeda they are regularly targeted through drone attacks and scores of local people die, injured and properties destroyed as collateral damage.

 In case of drone attacks; CIA is paying heftily to the ‘Patahries’. Patharie are the local people; hired to keep a track of Al-Qaeda and Afghani Taliban present in the areas. They in disguise get closer to the targets where Al Qaeda or Taliban gather and drop a tiny electronic chip; which in turn assists to locate the exact target through satellite and then —the unfortunate group is hit by Drones on the spot. This is another stark example of working for the enemy by the locals as patharies and to get paid.

TTP, the Fazlur the conspirator, the patharies, drone attacks, acting as the host for Al-Qaida and Taliban… boils down to one old age simple equation; acting for the foreign elements to get paid. Reportedly; CIA is footing all the bills and is also paying the government of Pakistan as well as directly to the Pakistan military. The bases like Bagram air base where scores of drones are stationed in open bunkers will never be raided by these forces neither Pak military may strike or take the drone down off from skies as this helps keep the flag of the terrorism in this theatre of terrorism up. With every drone attack strike where civilians are killed; ten more become the terrorists. The phenomenon of drone attacks is the main tool used for keeping the terrorism alive. The   elimination of drones altogether is likely to minimise the potency of terrorism and also stops the inflow of money for the beneficiaries.

 Hum hoaay,Tum hoay;keh Meer Hoaay

 Sab isee ki zulf kay aseer hoaay

Whereas the Pakistani government, its military and the locals working as western agents; all the  hypocrites get paid for the services provided to US lead western forces; US avails a readymade pretext of Terrorism to prolong their well wished stay in this region while the people suffer.

So; Lagay rahou Munna bhai.

We the traitors, the hypocrite; our end is fast drawing nearer.


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