Why Shuja Pasha Must Apologise

By A Khokar   May 16, 2011

In a single blow the US Heliborne Seal team 6 stationed at Jalaabad -Afghanistan carried out a stealth raid at a secret compound at Abbotabad in Pakistan and took the most wanted man of the world top Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin laden away.

Whereas this may be the limitation of technology that Pakistan possesses in shape of High altitude and low altitude Radar system. Especially the low altitude Radar sets that they do not pick up the helicopters moving along the hilly terrain within the valleys and remain total invisible on Radar Screen. The carbon powder coating and other aerodynamic profile added to helicopters further enhance their stealth move capabilities. On this account; our Air force may be absolved of this blame of negligence that their available Radar system kept them unaware of the intrusion but at the same time it also tells us that how vulnerable we stand.

But the time old claim of ISI is certainly proved to be wrong in the Joint US-Pak intelligence operation in the ‘war against terrorism’ that; whereas CIA had the advantage of having ‘superior technology; ISI was second to none when it comes to the human intelligence’*.

Yes; Our Director General of Inter services Intelligence must apologise to nation for believing in too much in his US counterpart CIA and its command. This is simply to remind him that when he was last time called upon in USA by CIA chief, Leon E Panetta, just few days before Abbotabad raid and was categorically asked about the where about of Osama with reference to the (Osama) compound that clue of compound and suspected presence of foreign elements in there was initially provided by ISI. The Tribune Express reports that Shuaja answer was; ‘no he knew nothing’. The CIA chief wanted a more specific answer. The ISI chief said Osama might be hiding in any urban area, but did not have any further details. Another official who was privy to the discussions said:“Had the ISI knew about his whereabouts we would have tracked him down,”

Our ISI might not be in knowledge of it or had not suspected that whether Osama was staying in there or not but when CIA had specifically inquired with reference to the compound and Osama; it should have rung the bell. The irony of the matter is that even then ISI did not derive any clue out of it neither checked it back home on ground. ISI simply did not do so.

Believably after lot of satellite/ aerial surveillance exercise carried out by US and with the help of CIA local agents stationed at Abbotabad, when it became clear that even ISI was also not keeping a check on this compound; the go ahead for operation ‘Geronimo’ was recommended by CIA to President Barrack Obama.

On the other hand after decades long successful Pak army operations in North western front against Al Qaeda; reportedly this had reduced Al Qaeda strength from thousands to now mere few hundreds and their leadership was shattered and splintered. A report suggests that now it may be even fewer than 200 Al Qaeda members on run in FATA area or hiding as fugitives in Pakistan urban areas. Earlier on all most all the master minds were captured alive and handed over to US or killed. This is of course a great success at the part of ISI.

For last few years, apparently US lead forces in Afghanistan too had changed their priority in search against Al Qaeda and they were seen now all out to go after Taliban in Afghanistan. Having no foreseeable success; US was seeing a colossal failure and had nothing at hand to declare a Victory before they could start their scheduled planned exit from Afghanistan in July this year.

Reportedly Al Qaeda mythology that had earlier travelled to various countries in Middle East and North Africa had cut some ice and earned their name as local Al Qaeda denominations but in the wake of the Arab spring uprising; which is purely a classless, secular and pro democratic movement for freedom sought by the Arab masses from the Middle Eastern oppressive regimes; Al Qaeda mythology of waging Jihad or aping west had all most no say in it and Al Qaeda as well as war against terror was being seen now as—-irrelevant.

But to turn the table of a colossal US defeat and failure in Afghanistan, CIA kept Osama card to themselves that luckily they got hold off to turn the tables by a stealth raid at Osama’s compound in Abbotabad. The information and details of planning of raid were kept secret from Pakistan. US decided to declare their sole Victory as of their own. Eventually they came and killed a frail ailing Osama Bin laden in a compound where now he was living an impoverished life in isolation, totally detached and leading a vegetative life by hiding himself that he had not stepped out of his compound for last five years.

After carrying out a brutal killing of unarmed Osama and turning his dead body into trophy; amid all the wisecracking, backslapping and official self-congratulations, a different and uneasy counter-narrative has emerged, best expressed by Gary Younge, a columnist writing in Britain’s Guardian newspaper: “This was not justice; it was an extra-judicial execution. If you shoot a man twice in the head, you do not find him guilty. You find him dead. This was revenge. And it was served very cold indeed.”

Although declaring of victory by US being a super power on killing a frail unarmed Osama looks absurd that it amounts to hoisting flags as on ruins but once again this proves and shows for the countries like Pakistan that US, to whom they start considering as their benefactor; her history speaks that to serve US as proxy; they may find their entry in US given arenas with grand pomp and show but they always end up depleted,  humiliated, they may even lose their own countries and Gallows always await them at the end. Marcos of Philippine, Raza Shah Pehlivi of Iran, Saddam Husain of Iraq, Augusto Pinochet of Chile, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and latest entry in the list is Pakistan. The popular saying of Henry Kissinger stands good for all; ‘US has no permanent enemies or friends; just American interests’.

The foreign terrorist of All Qaeda who fled Afghanistan after US invasion and had trickled down and melt away inside Pakistan in disguise among 3 million other Afghani refugees; hundreds of them were caught including the master minds of Al Qaeda whose leader Osama Bin Laden was found hiding and counting his last days that he was awaiting the day when to be lowered in his grave.

To catch Al Qaeda top leader may not be destined for Pak ISI that CIA seized this opportunity and hijacked it to make a trophy to celebrate but it is certain that after the elimination of top head of Al Qaeda; not in Pakistan only; the world at large may hopefully find itself free of the menace of terrorism. More so it is benefitting for Pakistan that the atmosphere of extremism may also find being eroded here.