Why Must Taliban Remain Shrouded in Mystery


By A Khokar  20 May 2009 


 As per the demand of Pak Army operation ‘Rah e Rast-4′,— millions have been asked to vacate their homes in Swatt–Malakand in view of their safety so that subject operational areas are cleansed of savage Taliban effectively. But this evacuation has resulted in an exodus of a worst kind and there is a dire need that displaced people should be looked after and taken care of, in the best way that we can.


Other than the government that it’s busy in gearing up its machinery to meet the new challenges arising out of massive movement of people; Alhamdo Lillah; general masses are also coming forward to help our displaced brethren and their families. They deserve to be looked after but it is seen with concern that whereas our media is giving an extensive coverage of displaced people and the scanty laid out camps erected to accommodate the IDPs. But there seems to be a complete black out and no investigative reporting what so ever about the Taliban who have turned the beautiful heaven of Swatt into an inferno— like hell.


Displacement of peoples is a repercussion, a fall out of the actual problem which happens to be the infiltration of Taliban into our society and their continuous existence. Why they were there at the first place? Who is funding them, why they have been trained as such and why there was a total media blackout while they were breeding. Why this menace could not be taken care of; prior to its growing into monster that today they are able to challenge the very existence of our country.


Reportedly Taliban have got numbers of very well built strong holds and are offering very tough resistance to our well equipped Army. They are using the most sophisticated arms as their close quarter battle weapons. They are also in possession of antipersonnel mines and are effectively using anti aircraft stinger missiles and rocket launchers. Seemingly they also enjoy an upper hand in ground mobility.


Question arises that;


  • Why an investigative reporting about Taliban is missing on the media even now?
  • Why activities of the battle field are being kept off the scene.
  • Why there is no, ‘Naming and Shaming’ of the actual founders of this group of Taliban and other abettors found even in our ranks and files.
  • Or is this operation where millions are found displaced and thousands will consequently perish; was mere a show, staged as a booster for the over stretched visit of President Zardari abroad to enable him to get his begging bowl filled?

Our Armed forces are carrying out their assigned task; they will carry out the way they do. They have their ways and means. But this Battle seems to be very tough and scores of military officers and Jawans have laid their lives in the line of their duty. Our Armed Forces certainly need our moral support and they must be fully supported in this operation.


Our Media need to be embedded with the front line armed forces for realistic reporting. Rather than acting as some freewheeling outsider agents; they must play a positive roll in uniting the nation. At the moment they are carrying out just superfluous talk shows and are keeping the public bogged in IDP camps issues. Battle field reporting remains very sketchy and speculative.


We may be calling Swatt issue, an internal security operation but  is not the case that our enemy, after infiltrating our front lines defences has been successful in  engaging our armed forces right in our heart lands?


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