Why Iran Must Be Eliminated?

It will be categorically flawed to form or infer any opinion against Iran by relying on the available information disseminated to us by the media; we need to know the back ground that why Iran who has never carried out any offensive operation against any country in the region; her research in the fields of nuclear studies could become so fierce a matter of a contention and a most hot pervasive issue for the west; and why Iran must be restricted to arm itself with nuclear weapons, where as all other stake holders in the area do posses plentifully?Back GroundFor the last two Centuries, entire Europe was seen engaged with full blast in subjugating the far flung lucrative but defenceless countries of Third world, under the cover of trade and business and was busy expanding the colonial domains. But it was early forties that in the wake of Adolph Hitler’s adventurism and fanciful conceit to create a Nazis realm in Europe; he started grabbing his neighbouring countries one after another and major part of Europe came in the fold of Nazis Germany. Threat of totally loosing their home lands compelled the Western colonial powers in occupation of many other countries around the world, to abandon their colonial adventures and revert back home to safe guard their own well sought nests… in Europe. A war known as Word War II broke out in Europe. Colonies were also involved but the consecutive massive evacuation of colonies resulted in freeing of some 40 subjugated countries and they were able to breathe their freedom.Although Europe and American forces were on continuous retreat from foreign lands but major colonial powers were able to play a little mischief in the colonies in order to create tribal feud, blood barriers and rifts among the local tribes and regions, they left the colonies with new demarcations and border lines; Scores of dictators, monarch and kings were installed to police and rule the new states with intent to win their loyalties and to reciprocate as remote controlled western proxies. Thus, leaving ample chances for the colonial forces to revisit or avail a come back in future. World War II ended in 1945 and it had just passed few years that in early fifties, the large scale discovery of oil especially in Middle East changed the entire scenario of affairs in newly freed countries of Middle East.Oil FactorThe discovery of oil also motivated the old colonial powers to come back and take the lucrative resources in control to run their oil based economies at home. Since then there has been lot of ‘oil exploration’ carried out by the west in Middle East but the local indigenous masses were left out to remain totally aloof and unconcerned as ever; ignorant and un-lettered old subjugated identities, trekking their nomadic way of life. Ever since, in order to secure a good foot hold and control the area as well as to avail a continuous and secured flow of extracted oil from the area; many moves were made. It also included an arrangement of massive net work of oil pipe lines to suck the oil out and reach safely to the west.The flow out of oil brought back the massive windfall of revenue in the hands of the installed kings and monarchs of Middle East which created a natural resentment among the local unlettered deprived masses and it tended them to stop, check their exploitation and they opted to resist their re-shackling into subjugation and deceitful policies of deprivation and adversity. Where as the loyalty of previously installed kings, the monarchs and dictators was successfully used to exploit the situation and establish European business enterprises to secure foot holds. Agents like Israel were also created to ‘spin-cum-escalate’ the war like situations in the area so that west can move in freely with the frightful forces in the name of maintenance of peace and security. In the process where the western savagery so exerted learnt to parcel out its violence neatly, the local tactless approach to resist their subjugation is seen as blatant, obvious and brutal.Iran is a hurdle in the way of ‘US Victory’Iraq war lead by US is the latest episode on the line of western onslaught; the obvious retaliation of locals against the war and deprivation of their sovereignty has been termed as ‘war against terror’. The US hegemonic adventurism to keep the lands and routes of oil in their folds has brought the turmoil, chaos and anarchy in the lives of people of regions. Millions of innocent people have been displaced or killed and their civic amenities as well as infrastructure destroyed. In order to avail a cake walk for the US lead forces and to exert the power of the Allies in the extended battle fields; from the Red Sea in the south to the High lands in the North in Afghanistan, the entire region is restricted to possess any air defence or potent defensive arsenals that they may put up any resistance; may it be the purchase, procurement from abroad or any local research or manufacturing.In Iraq, after the consolidations of US mega bases in Green Zone and establishment of many other ‘Command and controls anchorages’ in the Gulf States like in Saudi Arabia as well as the US Central Command Head Quarters at Al Udeid; Doha Qatar; Iran the odd one out is putting up a stiff effective resistance and is declared as ‘enemy target number one’ of the western Allies. To achieve the capability and be able to produce any deterring weapon like nuclear weapons or any other potent arsenal by Iran is seen as threat and an act of hostility toward the plans of US hegemonic adventurism. Leaving aside the Iranian vision and its long terms implications that Iran stands there as a Big Brother in Middle East, poise to revive the Islamic glory and to lead the Islamic world (which is coming out of its hibernation), in the coming centuries; Iran’s striving to stand upright against all the odds is a hurdle in the way of US victory; it must be eliminated or cut to size and left to disintegrate or be subjugated at all costs. So it may not be long that before George W Bush leaves the office; Israel may pre-empt an attack to provoke Iran to retaliate; then we will be witnessing on our TV screens, the massive fly past of Allied air sorties, wave after wave, with the state of the art, ‘target homing weapons’ and Missiles carrying out their precision strikes; taking out the possible Iranian atomic sites and other military targets! Or….; will there, diplomacy be given a chance to prevail?