Who says it’s not War?

 It is war; a war against terrorism; which has now fully engulfed our land in Pakistan. Terrorism was initiated by Al Qaeda while they were in Afghanistan and when were hunted down by US after US invasion they fled to Pakistan in disguise as refugees.

Since Pakistan did not take it serious to thwart their anchorage here; so Al Qaeda saw a golden opportunity to grow its further influences in the society and even in military forces.  

Ironically Pakistan is the land of hypocrites and mercenaries. They love to sleep with enemy and may not dither even to betray their own home land. This is old traditional and cultural out set especially of some of the tribes of the North Western province. Al Qaeda took a full advantage of it and they too infiltrated among the ranks and files of Pak Armed forces and inculcated their influence. Earlier incident of attacking Musharraf by Pak Air force personals and recent Mehran naval base attack are glaring examples of it. Reportedly there is thousands of serving military personals radicalised by Al Qaeda required to be plucked out of armed forces. Anyhow with the death of OBL and now the killing of turn coat traitor like (old navy commando) Ilyas kashmiri… this org is said to be dying.

On the other hand; CIA too (from the very start)became active and by keeping a track of above said cultural trend found in FATA area of betrayal; created…Tehrik e Taliban of Pakistan—TTP. This org is not anything which may be said as parallel to Al Qaeda etc (and we must not get confused here or get bogged down.) TTP is a sole CIA brain child; fully trained, supported and funded by CIA.

TTP is part of US greater plan to deplete Pakistan and deplete it so much that it remains at US feet for its survival that it should forget going about and swinging with china. US presence in Pakistan serves US strategic interest to stop China in expanding its influence in the region and going about as next super power of the world.

In US-China Tussle; Pakistan is future battle ground.

 In nutshell TTP is meant to thwart Pakistan to go and unify with China for coming days and times. In creation of TTP, Fazlur of JUI the traitor is the culprit who conspired. Received millions from CIA and when during Musharraf era JUI had their government in NWFP, let TTP fester in Malakand -Swat area till we found that it was grown into monster.

 Koi aour tou naheen hey; passey Khanjar aazmaee

Humeen Qatal ho rahey hain; Humeen Qatal kar rahey hain