Who killed Benazir Bhutto?

Today, its 27th December. In  2007 this was the day that Pakistan lost a young vibrant leader and an able daughter….Miss Benazir Bhutto. May her Soul Rests in Peace.
Like her father ZA Bhutto, she too had always put up a brave face against all the facades of tyranny but for the consort with whom she had struck a pact to let her come in power t…o serve her country. But after her arrival in Pakistan; right before the time that she was to take over; Her issue of defiance and a rebel sprung up. she was taken as a defiant person and of no use to them while she comes in power. Having visualized this—-that they probabaly may not be able to  fulfil their evil agenda– she was removed from the scene.
Ina Lillah wa Ina Elahay Rajehoun
Afsoos oun Ghuchoun peh hey; jo bin Khillay Murjha gaey

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