Who is Afraid of Sharia Law?

By A Khokar    November 16, 2010

 Sharia law, which derives from the teachings of the Quran and from Sunnah (the practice of the prophet Mohammed (saw)), is implemented to varying degrees in different Islamic countries – from the beheadings of Saudi Arabia, to the relatively liberal social mores of Malaysia.

 The word Sharia means “the path to a watering hole”. It denotes an Islamic way of life that is more than a system of criminal justice. Sharia is a religious code for living, in the same way that the older books like Bible offer a moral system for Christians.

It is adopted by most Muslims to a greater or lesser degree as a matter of personal conscience, but it can also be formally instituted as law by certain states and enforced by the courts. Many Islamic countries have adopted elements of Sharia law, governing areas such as inheritance, banking and contract law.

In Pakistan, certain religious group show their special craving toward adapting Sharia law. Although the masses too may not have any hesitation toward adopting these laws or be taken that they are somehow afraid of Sharia law. But they are certainly afraid of the era of darkness which may follow at the hands of religious extremists usually seen applying their tactics of fear and terror in this country. Extremists, they keep on demonstrating their dormant acts, day in and day out through coercion, arson and indiscriminate killing. People fear that peace and serenity of their society may be hijacked and they may find themselves engulfed in a state of utter chaos and anarchy.

 All this may not convince people to go ahead for Sharia. they would certainly  like to see some good  model of Islamic society run under Islamic Sharia law but sadly they may find none  out there.

 This is very much desirable that Islamic Sharia laws may be portrayed with goodly face but till the time the prevalent general perception attached to Islamic orthodoxy known as Talibanisation is not successfully erased, where people are fearful that in the name of Sharia law religious extremist are likely to hijack their existing systems as well as their right of freedom of life and other businesses by force and replace it with utter orthodoxy and make their lives miserable.

 In fact in a state run under Sharia laws; People are looking for new Islamic heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. Wherefore people look for such things as to be diligent that they may find the real peace and justice without— any black spot, and blameless.

 On the other hand present day Muslims are found so much divided and seen so split on their faith matters and other issues of Islamic jurisprudence that to construe an agreed ‘Sharia law format’ which may be acceptable to all the Muslims— is deemed next to impossible.