While military awaits the orders from the Supreme Courts

There has never been the time that military in Pakistan ever came in power at its own for the heck of it. It was always there on the demand of public and the politicians of the time; when they felt that a group in power has crossed all the limits of their corruption and nepotism. These authoritative rulers with their feudalistic mind set have always took it granted as Pakistan and its people were at their disposal and a personal property owned by them.

Pak military which considers itself the saviour of this country has always stood for the cause and have come in on public demand to rescue and prop up the failing country. History shows that after taking over the country and setting it back on the course; it has always handed over its reign back to the civilians. This is repeated some three times. The last hand over by General Pervez Musharraf is the hall mark of its kind, when country with its vibrant economy and society leading a moderate pace was handed over to the known top leadership in the country to come and run it on a turnkey bases.

But just for last four years down the line; once a vibrant progressive country handed over to the coalition government of PPP; is brought to the brink of its fatal collapse. Needless to mention because we all know it well that for the ‘loot khasoot’ of present government, the public civic amenities and other basic services like electricity, gas supply and fuel for transport etc are withdrawn off from the open markets. Industries are closing down and peoples are dying with hunger. Anarchy rules the streets and life for a common man on the street is but a misery.

Under the most distressing and precarious situation that masses are finding themselves fixed in it; it is strongly felt that probably military would butt in again through coup to take over and relieve the distressed peoples. Fearing this; it has been the cry of the ruling Politician and their intellectuals on the media are heard saying; ‘Army has no role in politics; they must not come and seize the powers to impose their dictatorship’.

At the same time; unlike previous practices when the opposition used to tend and ask the military to come in the best interest of nation to take over; the present government has adversely indulged in inviting the foreign forces to intervene and humiliate the military to impede any such action. US Seals raid on OBL compound in Abbotabad, the attack on Mehran Naval base in Karachi and NATO attack on Salala post were orchestrated to provoke and undermine the military and humiliate its command. To their surprise the Military although has taken a serious note of it but has totally ignored this provocation and has shown an exceptional high restraint.

After setting all the provocation aside; it seems military has decided that come what may; they may not come for the rescue—at their own and repeat the past.

As all this was not enough; orchestration of Memogate is yet another scandal (presently under investigation in Courts) where US is allegedly asked by present government to send her forces to subdue the Pak military forces and physically take over the country and the nuclear assets. Fortunately execution of this has been thwarted by the military command in time.

But suffering of the peoples on the street is unbearable. Peoples are again looking up for the Military as their only saviours.

Whereas Military is all ready to come to serve the nation but would like that if need be, they must be called in Aid of Civil Power for their services in accordance with the dictates of the Constitution of Pakistan. Military looks up to the National Judiciary and the Supreme Court to ask them to come in and take charge to put this depleted country back on the track.

While the military awaits their orders from the Supreme Courts; they intend posing themselves aloof till such time they are called upon. But it would be absurd to malign military by a section of media for their feet dragging or pinning on them the stigma of their showing of some kind of cowardice in this case.

Let’s look up to the Supreme Court, which is the supreme authority in Pakistan. There seems to be new history in makings.