While Taliban Set Sawat Valleys on Fire

By A Khokar  12 May 2009


No one has ever thought of it that skirmishes of extremists seen along Pakistani western border will took such a bizarre turn that it will engulf the entire Sawat area and this peaceful land of lofty mountain, the valleys with its beautiful lakes and lovely people living along the rivrine and stream will be put on fire at the hands of Taliban.. These skirmishes were being considered some local disturbances and limited to that area. Lately an impression was also created that with the political move like establishing the Nizam e Adil etc [1], probably this evil will vanish or at least will subside in its intensity. But Prime Minister of Pakistan has abruptly called the Armed forces in, to carry out a cleansing operation of Anti Pakistan Elements (APEs).


Fearing a pitch battle between the Armed Forces and the expected retaliation by these elements (APES- Taliban) highly armed and supported by foreign interested forces present in the area; the civilian population has no option but to leave their homes and run for their safety. It has resulted in a massive exodus displacing the people in hundred of thousands with in their own home land.


But pity is that this operation has been under taken with out the mobilization of local government machinery where even Government Crisis management cells were probably also not warned. They have yet to respond to the call.


Media reports that there is a pitch battle going on between Armed forces and the traitors. Reportedly there are more than one million people who have fled their homes but some how have managed to reach the three major Internal Displaced people (IDP) camps established on exit from Sawat areas near Mardan. About million more are on move which include old feeble people, families with children and the destitute running for their lives. With no transport or help available they are moving on foot, trekking the mountain and trails and trying to escape with the hope to reach for some places of safety.


Although, this has taken this country by surprise and general public and civil society is also not yet mobilised but there is dire need that these displaced people be helped. It is but evident that this government has failed to build up their case for such a drastic action.


 But this dream land has been made to bleed at the hands of these traitors; for the paltry monies that they receive in return to give Pakistanis, such pains. These Heretics are to be dealt with squarely. On the other side our enemy is very happy to see us bleeding. They are sparing no chance to strike Pakistan with their peculiar assaults. All the Pakistanis have to ignore their moves; what else one could expect from an enemy? They have but to do it.



This war and instability is thrust upon Pakistan by our enemies and there is no denial that some stooges from among our ranks have been loured in for paltry money to act for the enemy and destabilise this nation. But Pakistan is strong nation of 180 million people. They know how to come out winning every time that they are put to test.


At the moment we are trying for a sure kill of this evil in the bud breeding along our western borders in Hidukush Mountains. Once this menace is allowed to trickle down off from Hidukush; the history tells us that it never stopped before it reached deep into the plans— beyond Delhi. Our neighbour India has to realise it that Pakistan is fighting India’s war and must help Pakistan in eradication of this menace.


This land calls upon all the countrymen, every one of them to say no to Taliban. Mobilise him/herself and make a move in what ever capacity that they can to reach out for the help of our displaced brethrens and their families.


Long Live Pakistan



[1] (An instigated demand of old Sharia law pushed forward by Taliban to have their say and build their anchorage in the area

42 thoughts on “While Taliban Set Sawat Valleys on Fire”

  1. For a change Pak government has announced a war against Taliban movement and has sent the Army to cleanse them from Valleys of Swaat. There is no doubt that while both the Batmen are moving to the cricket field for bating; i.e. our army as well as the government. They are moving in with their broken bats and less of credibility.

    Some how the institution of military (at least it upper echelon) is carrying baggage of their past era when they had imposed their dictatorship on the country for such a long period and our present day government that is known for half hearted action, docility at all levels and their sheepish moves.

    Not mobilising the public and make them ready prior to such an expedition shows lack of planning but probably there is only one driving factor: Government had secured an upper hand in use of Nizam e adil card so they wanted to en-cash it instantly.

    Over the period Taliban have grown considerably strong. Cleansing of such element from our society is must but why there were no checks when they started breeding in the dins of their choice. Rather they were allowed to grow with the connivance of previous military as well JUI provincial governments. Taliban happened to be the strength of JUI government.

    It does not stop here; there are chilling evidences that while US and other interested forces had their own agenda in this play let of whirled winds of Taliban movement which has set in; our religious movements in Pakistan were rejoicing that these Taliban were doing the ground/ spade work for them in order to softening up the society for acceptance of their terms. There was a governance of Islamic state with a nuclear power in sight which has its boundaries extending from Afghanistan to whole of Pakistan. [1] But probably they are not aware of it that this world belongs to the people who had economic resources at hand and have the people whose posses knowledge, technology and a craze for innovations…. and not the orthodoxy or their primitive concocted ideas and myths .

    Although, we ought to be concerned about the IDP; one can’t imagine, how much horrific it is to leave ones own home???? But I do expect that owing to the prevalent poverty and joblessness back home in Swaat and its valleys and when all the way they have come here; more than half may not return back even when the situation becomes normal.

    Sure there is much more to come.

    [1] That is called soaking you clothes in others blood in order to be counted as martyrs.

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