When Taliban were Leaping over Margalla Hills

By A Khokar  

Pakistanis, they carry a peculiar Psyche of their own— that anything said concerning Mosque; it is taken, as a serious attack on its sanctity and is very vehemently resented. But Lal masjid debacle of mid 2007 is known to be the turning point in the history and it took the entire society by surprise that how far the extremists elements on the behest of enemies of Pakistan had infiltrated deep in our society to disintegrate this country through their subversive plans.

People in the streets were stunned to know that military operation has been called for to fight them out from the sacred place like Lal masjid; situated right in the heart of our capital city–Islamabad. This mosque was found turned into a mega fortified bunker, full of lethal weapons and ammunition. Tragically lot many people were killed in this operation. A lot has been written on this subject but it has rarely been discussed and disclosed that why and how, this sacred place; like Lal Masjid was allowed to turn into such a fortified bunker at the hands of extremists?

 The force since trained and groomed in this institution was already out on the streets of capital and had started making moves to assert their control over the city; a whirl wind of extremism was also seen sweeping and gripping the entire city. Even after the military operation has started at a place which was identified as extremist base but it is absurd that a particular section of society, it was still being insisted to call it a sacred place?

  UP till this point the operative of the gang inside this place were successful in concealing their base behind the facade of minarets, the tomb of the mosque and prayer calls coming out of this den to keep their planned moves camouflaged. But it was a Satan found dwelling there, poised as preachers and using religion as weapon.

Although it was Musharraf’s government at that time— or for that matter, would have been any other government; they were but to call military to clear this sanctuary of extremist. After the start of military operation; many of the people including children inside, met their tragic end. They were given ample time to surrender and all most all the women and most of the people came out except the few that they rather than surrendering chose the route of defiance and militancy. They started firing back at the raiding military forces with all the available weapons that they had. Head Imam Abdul Aziz tried to escape disguised and clad in women burka but was caught. The second in command maulana Ghazi stayed on with some children which he had abducted and others to keep them at close quarters and to cordon him for his safety.

Military men they do not move in with the flower bouquets or the garland in their hands. In the process to bring the situation and place under control and bring a state of calm in the area— there occurred lot many causalities to be picked up after operation from this den because the occupants selected the route of defiance and thus met their tragic end.

This bunker was cleared by military successfully where once, Tehrik e Taliban were successful in creating an anchorage in the heart of our capital city—Islamabad. If we could only recall that trumpeters were already sounding that Taliban (TTP) main forces were also fast leaping forward and have reached Margala Hills.