When Daata Darbar was attacked by the followers of Takfiris Groups in Islam

 By A Khokar   July 2, 2010

Reportedly TTP and other extremist splinter groups are seen spread all over in Punjab rural areas. One wonders that with what sort of ideology they are charged with that they even do not hesitate attacking the most sacred places like Daata Darbar, killing of scores of people and hundred are left maimed.

Daata Darbar the sherine that peoples considers this place to be the most sacred in Pakistan. People come here to spend some time in prayers; to avail moments of peace and tranquillity and the blessings that they believe may take home for themselves and their household from such like places.

Earlier when Mujahedeen were being raised and trained to fight the Soviets Union in Afghanistan, one of the sponsor of war; Saudi Arabia who along with the funds to raise Mujaheedns also handed over salfi-Takfiri ideology in order to mould and train the Mujahedeen. The infamous TTP who claims to be the off shoot of Mujahedeen(Taliban)is found to be following the salfi-Takfiri ideology. Presently all the Madrassah known to be producing the new breed of suicide bombers are still holding on to the given ideology in some form or the other.

Takfiris and Terrorism

Takfiris believe in Islam strictly according to their own interpretation of teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions’, their alleged actions and statements, and do not accept any deviation from their path.

Killing of even own Muslim creed thought to be toeing a different line may be a misgivings of a strictly orthodox notion of knowledge professed over the centuries by the salfis –takfiris but it is still practiced in Saudi Arabia. Takfiris condone acts of violence as legitimate methods of achieving religious or political goals.

Those who change their religion from Islam to any other way of life, or deny any of the fundamental foundations of Islam, or who worship, follow or obey anything other than prescribed as per their teachings of Islam, become those upon whom the takfiris declare the “takfir”, calling them apostates from Islam and so no longer are Muslim and are liable to be killed.

Those to whom Takfir is applied are considered excommunicated in their eyes. In principle the only group authorised to declare a Muslim a kafir are the ulema, who as per the practices reserved the right to declare apostasy to fellow Muslims. Takfiris consider all political authority that does not abide by their interpretation of Islam as illegitimate and apostate. As such, violence against such regimes is considered legitimate.

Takfiri views on suicide also differ significantly and they believe that one who deliberately kills themselves whilst attempting to kill enemies is a martyr (Shahid) and therefore goes straight to heaven. As such all sin is absolved when a person is martyred, allowing carte blanche for the indiscriminate killing of even innocent, for example as it was demonstrated in Daata Darbar or earlier in Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore.

Takfiris practice a number of beliefs –i.e labelling of fellow Muslims as kafir and the practice of declaring takfir/damnation upon them—a legacy from the notorious medieval Islamic writer, Ibn Taymiyyah the Takfirist. This belief allows Takfiris to justify the use of violence against fellow Muslims; a contemporary example being the sectarian violence perpetrated in the Iraqi Insurgency and as it is in practice now against the masses and government of Pakistan.

This is required that rather than attempting to rectify the symptoms or rounding up of the foot soldiers caught in suicidal actions; the Draconian Takfiri ideology and their doctrinarians who tempt them to undertake such subversive actions be targeted and eliminated.