What Next: a wide spread anarchy is Lurking

By A Khokar      August 25, 2010

There is no doubt that since the date TTP started with its subversive activities in Pakistan; the other religious and undersurface militant forces also picked up their memento and with a short period of time; the extremism has seen engulfed the entire country and there is wide spread lawlessness and chaos. Although presently; the entire spine of fertile lands of Pakistan from the north along the country along Indus River and its riverine running along it, are drowned in the most devastating flood of the history, paralyzing life all over but the indiscriminate target killing in Karachi, and bomb blasts in other parts of country are still at the peak.

The current brutal killing of two brothers in Butter village Sialkot by the mob showing no remorse or any fear of God is most despicable sign of the extremism. It shows that how people have lost their faith in the law enforcement agencies and the higher courts. Rather than knocking the courts doors for the justice and securing of their rights; they preferred to take the law in their own hands. This is a most disturbing state of affairs for a nation— like Pakistan.

Just about two years back; the supreme courts of Pakistan which had earlier lost its due sanctity and debarring of its power at the hands of a dictator but it was later reinstated by the public street power through long march movement. Supreme Court is indebted to this act of nation. Peoples are very much proud of this and are holding their heads high to see that a free Supreme Court installed by them is up there operative.  For them the institution of Supreme Court is a beacon of hope which grants them the freedom, their rights as citizen and assures them a protected life in the country.

But how galling it is to find that all the recent orders passed by the honourable court; on some pretext or others, very flagrantly, they have been ignored by the present PPP government. My it be the Supreme Court orders passed in case of NRO or other Zardari cases, who happens to be the President of country. Reportedly in Zardari’s money corruption cases, millions of looted money from Pakistan is heftily stashed in foreign banks.  It is noticed that every single order of Supreme Court has been sidelined.

Tragically; when the public sees it that high up class are making a mockery of their seat of power and can easily get away by ignoring the Supreme Court’s orders for their own benefits; realistically speaking, the courts are depicted here as toothless. Although, the courts judges may be seen cutting and passing some emotion mixed sarcastic remarks which shows desperation on their part that they find that their orders are not being implemented. The Judgement of Supreme court does requires an authority of the judges and not their grief.

This reeking murk of government high up and their mockery, when travels down ward to the public arena— strangely it is translated into a different kind of perception about the state of courts. Strange sort of clichés start emerging and are circulated among the masses. The status of the courts is seen compromised and it is taken as the real truncheon of power to pass law as well as decide on the judgement rests wholly with the high ups of ruling class and not with the courts. The more blatant is the ruthless arrogance which is often orchestrated by the various governmental mouth pieces and in ditto, it is aired by our freewheeling media which results in spreads despondency among the public.

Courts are also not considered potent enough an institution having their final say; thus people are seen slipping into a state of hopelessness and eventually they may stop fearing the law of the land and the respect for the court and their orders.

In the Sialkot incident the agony and the grievance of the house hold who supposedly were robbed and that one of their young relative was also killed in scuffle with the robbers; their tragedy is one thing, but if they or the mob who killed the suspected robbers had a faith in the law of the land or in the courts; they would have not killed the two brothers so brutally.

This is sure a sign that law and order is totally paralysed and is rendering country a lawless state. What next; eventually the wide spread anarchy is likely to fill the gap. 

For the sake of sanctity and the rule of ‘law and order’ in the Country; the Supreme Court Judges ought to check their  adopted course of action  and they must ensure that court orders are implemented with authority in true letter and spirit.