What Lies in the Future for Pakistan

By A Khokar 10 July 2009

Presently Pakistan is now a nation caught up between its Army and the Taliban, fighting a war— not of its own making. Its population lives in continuous fear of bombings and suicide attacks – the next one could be at the local mosque, an Internet cafe, or a roadside restaurant. Most Pakistanis are now resigned to full-scale army action seeing it extended across the country supposedly to exterminate the evil of Talibanisation in the society that lately Pakistan has decided to eliminate and evict this evil out from their country. There seems to be many snakes in the grass that this nation has to deal with.

Pakistan Army may be fighting the miscreants in Swat-Dir area to restore the government writ previously lost at the hands of Taliban or busy clearing the Terrorists dens in FATA area but the world weigh the volatile war situation in Pakistan differently. The Western media and western governments are focusing their usual rhetoric on the possibility of take over of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal by US lead forces— fearing that these may fall into Taliban hands. On ground Taliban may not be able to take over the nuclear arsenal directly but they fear it may be by design; of some coupe with in military with the help of Taliban sympathisers and—– thus endangering the whole world security. Pakistanis, on the other hand, are the people consistently living under these threats forced upon them by Taliban through violence and terror and fearing imposition of Taliban coercive and concocted mythology.

The most ballyhooed Obama’s Egypt speech to improve America’s image of a brutal aggressor has actually turned to be more of despair than a hope, when Muslims world as a whole finds itself fixed in the grip of US lead foreign occupying forces. For last one decade millions of people have been massacred and many more millions are displaced and their lands reduced to rubbles destroyed. Life in Muslim lands is literally—- turned to misery in all its spheres.

As expected Obama has failed to address the main catalyst and US own implanted oppressive agent, the regime of Israel which is the source of all the anarchies in Arab world. Rather he ended up admonishing the other repressive Arab regimes for their human rights issues and dictatorial practices. He categorically blamed Pakistan for harbouring the Terrorist like Al Qaeda and others inside its territory and declares them an eminent threat for the world security. Ever since, Obama is reverberating to deal with it squarely by every possible means available at hand. This amounts to declaring a full fledge US war against Pakistan which happens to be US ally also.

The Ghost of Osama bin Laden also keeps on emerging from his grave to come and deliver the messages at the hour of need that United States wants it the most. These messages in turn grant a new life to Terrorism and mark it that purported Al-Qaeda Terrorism is live and kicking as ever. This is very conveniently used as the pretext and an enabler that United States has very successfully evolved to exterminate any opposition in the way in the name of elimination of Terrorism. Al Qaeda and its Terrorism have proved to be the umbilical cords for US, so called moral grounds to maintain her presence in occupied foreign lands in and around of Iraq and Afghanistan. US are now eagerly looking ahead and waiting in the wings to invade their next planned ultimate target – Pakistan.

The pundits forecasting the wide range future of this region say that China and India are the emerging regional super power of the future. Where as Russian after retreat from Afghanistan and Central Asian States would like to keep on simply roaring from their dens in Moscow for some times to come. EU forces may remain confined with in their European borders but will keep on supporting the excursions of United States to secure the economic and natural resources for them. Russia is found to be self sufficient to propel its national economy and may not be keen in asserting its authority in the other world’s natural resources found like in Middle Eastern lands and is not likely to resort to any aggressive or deceptive scheming as United States is carrying out to mark n establish her hegemony in Middle East and Central Asia and control the resources in the wake of threats of take over by the emerging powers like China and India in the region.

United States having got recognised itself a lone superpower and a big brother who has come travelling here all the way from across the seven seas on their unique excursion to unfurl her set agenda and the goals as per their known plans of; Project for the New American Century (PNAC). In pursuance of the same United States may like that:

· The old world power Russia remains confined and restricted to its cocoons

· US may not be able to hamper the progress of India or China that they are making but certainly will do all possible moves to keep mineral resources in Middle East and Central Asia to remains in their control; for which US has already selected Afghanistan as their controlling hub. US is now busy turning Afghanistan into her master anchorage.

· AfPak is the new US policy designed to carve some of the countries on the Blood Brother lines [1]. US consider the Pashtuns living in Afghanistan and NWFP as one and see most of the NWFP as Part of Afghan enclave. Awami National Party (ANP) seemingly having adopted presently a docile posture in wake of current ablaze war conditions in NWFP; it is likely to prove to be the catalyst agent in it with their fan fared agenda of greater Pakhtunistan in the future. Year 2009 is a declared year of their most revered leader Bacha khan by them.

· US will like to throw Pakistan around Afghan enclave in between herself and India as well as China—- as a buffer country.

China is busy investing a lot in Pakistan and also in Afghanistan for a purpose that before this that US is able to completes the establishment of her anchorage in Afghanistan; China in order to secure the access routes to the economic sources in Middle east and Iran may like to consolidate its positions with in Pakistan and to occupy part of it on some lease agreement bases or otherwise to secure a ‘safe supply and communication corridor’ for herself. One can imagine the ruining of grass fields when US, China and Pakistan’s bulls will be fighting to win over. The lands along the entire stretch of corridor are likely to plunge into deepest of anarchy and mayhem.

Baluchistan, the treasure land of future mineral resources is currently infested with its separatist groups. They are the rouge elements addicted to foreign perks for their known lavish livings. If they do not shun their bad habits and stop playing in the hands of foreign forces having their vested interests. The only future for them in this scenario may be — to see Baluchistan torn apart and disintegrated.

India would like to stay where it is but would do enough to ‘cut n break’ Pakistan into thinner slice to attain a thin strip from north to south to work as a buffer (i.e. Punjab and Sind only) between US new formed enclaves and India .

While this all is going on, China will have to move in side Pakistan physically to secure its corridor connecting the Arabian Sea at Gwader port back to China through Baluchistan, Frontier and on the silk route to China.

There must be no doubt in any Pakistani’s mind that Pakistan is the future Battle field of the world. A country which is already targeted by USA to make it internally depleted and vulnerable and to leave it reduced to mere status of a buffer zone broiling in induced anarchy. Frederick Kagan, former West Point US military historian, who devised the Bush administration’s Iraq troop surge, recently called for the White House to consider various options for an unstable Pakistan, including the US to consider sending elite troops to Pakistan to seize its nuclear weapons if the country descends into chaos.

Shamelessly our arch enemy India, as mentioned above has also extrovert desires to join hand with US to see Pakistan cut to pieces and to a size of a ‘wafer strip’ between US new formed enclaves and India and grant it a status of Bhutan, Nepal or Sri Lanka— mere to stay there as a buffer zone from Kashmir in the north to Arabian sea in the south.


Even a common man on the streets of Pakistan can very well visualize the raging storms lurking at our horizons for us and that our Pak Armed forces, the saviour of this nation are very much engaged and are on war which is not being fought against our enemies on our borders but tragically it is against our own kith and kin living among us. These perpetrators are evil; our internal enemies found working against the interest of this land. One wonders that—- is this nation, a bunch of hypocrites, abetters and traitors that people here love to work against the interests of their nation and join hands with our enemies to act as enabler in the known ‘Big Game of Conspiracies’ being hatched to see this nation go down?

[Kabhee Rehmatain thi naazal es khitta e zameen par

Whee khitaa e zameen hey, keh azaab uter rahey hain]

Says Obaid Ullah Aleem

Links: http://www.pakspectator.com/,

[1]Ralph Peter , a retired Neocon Lt Colonel who served as US Intelligence Officer in Germany wrote an article “Blood Brothers – How a better Middle East would look” in Armed Forces Journal (USA) of June ’06.

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  1. Article may have painted a horrific picture what all lies in future for Pakistan but that is the reality which is unfolding before us. The predictions are not basing on any assumptions but it base on the insight; how the thing are developing around our nation.

    Dr Danish of ‘Swal Yeh hey’ team has presented a programme where a well known figure —Pak Defence Security Analyst, Mr Zahid Hamid, in charge think tank’ ‘Brass tack’ and Professor Nosheen Wasih Lecturer International Relations of Karachi University were invited. They gave out the true insight of the situation. Link is given here below. Surely it will add to our information.

    Video link : http://pkpolitics.com/2009/07/11/sawwal-yeh-hay-11-july-2009/
    (Link reference with thank to: pkpolitics.com)

  2. We dont need any enemy from outside. our people are successfully heading to colapse from within. Pakistani people are at daggar drawn against each other even for insignificant differences of opinion,may it be about religion or concerning the worldly affairs. Tolerance, is the comodity that has disappeared from our country. We are not aware of the situation, therfore no worry at all. Zaid Hamid is bent upon to hoist Pakistani flag over Red Fort. One action towards right direction is better than hoards of dreams.

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