We Must Learn to Take Pride in Our Country

Soon after the incident of 9/11 attack on Trade Centre in USA; US declared an all out war against this ‘act of terrorism’. Al-Qaeda; a subordinate organisation of Taliban in Afghanistan was singled out for masterminding; supposedly a highly complex operation of steering two airliner planes precisely into the twin towers of Trade Centre in USA and killing more than 3000 people.  Pakistan being a neighbouring state of Afghanistan was also indicted to apportion the blame for this act; on the charges that Pakistan used to back Taliban government in the past and was keeping a porous border in between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Where as Afghanistan received an intensive aerial bombardment; Pakistan was also threatened and asked to join US to haul up the miscreants in her area. President Musharraf being at the helm of the affairs was coerced to accept this. He agreed to flush out the culprits; if any; in Pakistan territory. This can be called a big goof up of Musharraf that he has ever committed but only to avert the tyranny of the Exterminator-(USA) and save Pakistan. It was the biggest web of US fallacy which later emerged as the phoney ‘war against terrorism’, to push forward US hegemonic adventurism. This web was thrown over Musharraf and he fully got trapped in it. ‘Some times a blunder committed for a fraction of seconds has the consequences that the centuries are made to suffer’. As the bombardment intensified in Afghanistan; so was the influx of displaced Afghanis which grew on Pakistan border in millions. There after it is a history that how this heavy ‘handed US dealing’ of the displaced destitute Afghanis turned into a monster of their malice against their oppressors; USA as well as Pakistan. This has since brought about a new breed of Islamist and extremist in our country; rising up to challenge the writ of government on many issues and holding the country (in some parts) to a ransom.  One can argue that Musharraf, a leader of impoverish and declared insolvent nation…Pakistan was forced to swallow a bitter discriminatory pill; to quell and subdue his own people and also the …Afghanis and Taliban miscreants who had trickled down here.  But credit goes to him that over the period of last seven years; against all the odds, this country has since recovered a lot. This country is although seen in turmoil but is standing ‘up right’ and progressing. To accept US terms then, might have been the most hate full act, that some times one is compelled under the circumstances to accept an ugly out come, as it was done by President Musharraf in the wake of 9/11 scenario; but what justification we had when a fully remodelled and US nurtured robot; like Miss Benazir Bhutto was also destined to be implanted wily nily in Pakistan to replace President Musharraf and take over this country. She had promised US a free walk over and take out the most endeared nuclear assets along with Pakistani engineers. It was nothing else but to destroy and push Pakistan back to the dark ages and once again she would have left this country at the mercy of foreign invading forces to  turn Pakistan in Iraq like situation for their manipulation.   From the day one that the self exiled Benazir Bhutto arrived back in country, under the arrangement of ‘National Reconciliation Order’, the situation in Pakistan went very volatile. The process of implanting yet another proxy of US design; Miss Bhutto took a toll of hundreds of innocent lives right on the day of her arrival. It worsened day after day and country got engulfed in a complete chaos and anarchy. As luck would have it; this able but misguided daughter of Pakistan was later slain very savagely at Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi [1] and hence after, a fair and most transparent Election were held under the watchful eyes of President Musharraf. The sympathy votes so cast in the name of slain Benazir Bhutto placed her aggrieved party PPP as majority party in power. There has been an orderly transfer of power since, from a dictatorial regime to Civilian government. The new coalition Government has taken oath and is busy formulating the new plans to run the country. But this peace, prosperity or democracy in Pakistan may not go well with the oppressing forces who want to see Turmoil and mayhem only. The civil unrest and anarchy in our country suits the Neocons like agendas of US hegemonic adventurism and the ‘phoney war against terrorism’ (that we are in it as the front state).   Our next door new neighbours, US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan have since long been knocking at our door and have been busy in ‘nick nacks. They have formally unleashed their droned aerial bombardment on the forward border posts of Pakistan, killing some 31 Military as well as civilian personals to under mine the sovereignty and political stability required at the critical and some what fluid time of power transition already severely infested with controversial long Marches and politicising of Judiciary issues in the country. 

Although by Grace of Almighty, Pakistan is equipped with sufficient number of nuclear arsenals to deter our enemies but Nuclear is a deterrent in strategic terms only and it is not considered as suitable weapon to be used to check enemy encroaching invasions and advances at lower local levels to support the tactical manoeuvres. We need to acquire and introduce potent deterring weapons and advanced surveillances system at lower levels of Armed Forces to counter such aggressions and keep the highly skilled and advanced armies of coalition at bay.


 Allah admonishes the believers in Sura Anfal [8:60] ‘And make ready for them who fight you whatever you can of armed force and of mounted pickets at the frontier, whereby you may frighten the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you know not, but Allah knows them. And whatever you spend in the way of Allah, it shall be paid back to you in full and you shall not be wronged.’ To save guard interests of our beloved Pakistan and to breath freely in the space provided by our country; we must learn to take pride in our country and must strive hard to build Armed Forces invincible, to be deployed at our borders. ————————————-[1] Ina lilah hay wa ina alayhey Rajahayhoon