Water discharge from Hunza Lake reaches around 3600 Cusecs


 View of the spillway and water outflow from an elevated part of Attabad. Courtesy: FOCUS Pakistan

 Pamir Times- Hunza Report

Gilgit, June 4: The discharge of water from Hunza Lake through spillway and seepages has jumped to around 3600 Cusecs as reported by various monitoring organizations. Water discharge through the spillway has increased to around 3300 Cusecs while the seepages are discharging 350 Cusec water.

Meanwhile the rate of water rise recorded in Gulmit yesterday shows signs of decline. Earlier the water was rising at 1-inch per hour but yesterday the cumulative rise was around 8 inches, according to information shared by reliable sources.

The weather has also turned rainy in Gilgit and Hunza – Nagar, bringing down temperature. Helicopter service also remained suspended for two days.


 View of the spillway from Sarat village