Was OBL killed with the tacit Approval of Zardari?



Day by day; this news in the Media is becoming clearer that President, Asif Ali Zardari had the knowledge of raid on CIA compound of OBL at Abbottabad. From the operation timings point of view; it may be that he knew it vaguely but for sure President Asif Zardari knew about the OBL fiasco that it was being orchestrated as a play let to demonise our Military Generals and ISI to flog them back in line…. and it was done with his tacit approval.

But why it is so…?

If we only know that this is an old Saudi-US nexus to bring the nuclear potent and known fortress of Islam—Pakistan in American fold as her subservient. Somehow this nexus only became obvious owing to 9/11 incident in Musharraf era. Saudi-US nexus had originally started in Ziaul Haq time.  He was the first pawn; a bead fixed in that long stretched and conducive ‘Rosary knot cord …of Deceit’ when on religious bases this nation was turn on and exploited to become US proxy. Saudis paid an active part as agents and financiers.

After Zial ul, when he was blasted out in the sky; can we possibly say that Miss Benazir Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif is to be placed outside of this Rosary beads string of Saudi-US nexus? You may not…because they too happened to be US pawns who during their Premier tenures did serve as the conduits and enablers to carry forward the given leads of Saudi-US nexus set by Ziaul Haq.

After BB and Nawaz Sharif; although Pervez Musharraf took the rein of the country as a military dictator but only one single US threatening roar after the incident of 9/11, was sufficient enough to bring him in line. The incident of 9/11 can be said that it tied the knot of Pakistan—- to serve as US proxy more firmly.

Ever since the above mechanism is in place it works like a reef knot that It holds solid and pulls tighter under pressure. It is so well placed that even after decade long duration, the Musharraf regime’s successor; the cunning Zardari who was installed under the provision of wishy-washy scheme of NRO may dare not to step out of the US given lines.

May it be raid on CIA compound of OBL at Abbottabad, the Mehran base fiasco or the recent NATO forces attack on Salala Posts and other continuous Drone attacks in FATA area—– they all are part of evil design of our enemies found hovering on our border (even have infiltrated beyond our defence lines) to provoke the Armed Forces to draw them into war in order to defang our nuclear weapons and finish the military power off before the great US game in this region is brought to an end or taken to a next stage.

On the other hand; there are desperate efforts being made to make the latest Memogate a controversial issue—- but its contents reveal a lot.


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