Video: Top Conspiracies Exposed by Dr. Danish – Updated

On Aug 23 09, Sawal Yeh Hai with Dr. Danish, the first Pakistani talk show unveiled the truth about some of the most nefarious conspiracies in Pakistan history, sparked extensive debates in Pakistani media leaving behind most lucrative topics like Article 6 and Musharraf.

Featuring Brigadier (R) Imtiaz aka Billa (Ex DG IB ) Ghulam Mustafa Khar (Former Gov Punjab) and Lt. Gen (r) Naseer Akhtar who was Corp Commander Karachi in 1992

the conspiracies exposed included:

1, IJI Conspiracy: Political party IJI was created by ISI to promote Left Wing parties and to bring Nawaz Sharif as a leader to counter Benazir Bhutto and her Right wing party PPP and its allies.

2, Khar Conspiracy: Ghulam Mustafa Khar living in exile in London at Seth Abid’s apartment (infamous gold and drugs smuggler), where Mustafa Khar conspired with Indian RAW to eliminate top Pakistani Military leadership in a terror attack when Chief of Army Staff and all Core Commanders present at GHQ in a conference.  This conspiracy was busted later on and all involved were arrested. Mustafa Khar got immunity from Benazir Bhutto’s government!

3, Jinnahpur Conspiracy: The confessional statements by Brig (R) Imriaz and Gen (R) Naseer Akhtar finally unfolds (after 17 years) the truth in accusations on MQM regarding their attempt to carve out a separate homeland for Muhajirs called Jinnahpur. The statements by these two pivotal characters involved in the operation against MQM in 1992, proved that the operation was wrong and baseless which was launched by Nawaz Sharif Government against MQM and resulted in genocide of more than 15000 innocent Pakistanis.

4, Nuclear conspiracy:  A person named Rafiq Munshi, an engineer at KANOP, recruited by CIA to plant agents in Pakistan nuclear assets and collect information about Pakistan’s Nuclear program and to finally conduct technical sabotage. This conspiracy was busted and Rafiq Munshi was arrested. Later on Benazir Bhutto’s government released him and hired him as Political Advisor!!!


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