US seeks to boost CIA presence in Pakistan

 By A Khokar   October 25, 2010

  General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani as a head of Pak Army may be seen—a man who is also keeping an eye and a check on the President Zardari and his government on misuse of power and state resources but; both the figures (Zardari and Kayani) when ever are called upon in their master’s (US) chattel– to serve and work; invariably they both have proved—-to be the most loyal American proxies.

President Zardari has even excelled former President Musharraf in giving a free hand to American for their Drone attacks inside Pakistan when he says: “Kill the seniors (Al-Qaida and Taliban command hiding in our sanctuaries in Pakistan); Collateral damage (by drone attacks) worries you American. It does not worry me.”

Musharraf was never considered by American to be their loyal ally– rather he was booed and ridiculed for playing a double game; whereas General Kayani in the name of being a front state American Ally in the US war against terror is a good tool in the hands of American. Pak army under his command is doing anything and everything which American wants him to do.

But the present surge in CIA personals in Pakistan is sure a bad news for this country; when we see that owing to the ongoing covert operations orchestrated by CIA in Pakistani urban areas is already resulting in total depletion of Pakistani society and its economy. Earlier when CIA was allowed to move into Pakistan it created Tehrik e Taliban–TTP and what we got —a total devastation, anarchy and mayhem. Reportedly some thousands have perished.  

Ironically; over this period, Pak Army has fast become a subservient to US. God forbid that with the planned boost in CIA operations in Pakistan when Pak army happens to be a subservient to US; — may we not see that our Armed Forces are found strangulated at the hands of CIA, right in their own country and the old history is seen repeating itself once again—like we saw in December 1971 in shape of fall of Dacca and a break-up of East Pakistan….occurred?

 The cracks of disintegration and schism in our western provinces are already showing.