US may invade Baluchistan to Restore Human Rights


In its first phase US publishes a Human Rights Watch Report on Baluchistan

WASHINGTON: It is said that guilt and shame were the two dominant feelings that overwhelmed many Pakistanis at a US congressional hearing room on Wednesday 8th February 2012 as witnesses detailed human rights abuses in Baluchistan. Some were also troubled – while some felt elated – as all five US lawmakers who attended this unusual hearing of the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations stressed the Baloch right to self-determination.

I too have gone through the original report. Much astound to note that Human Rights Watch Reports where says all negative things about Pakistan; fails to describe the Balochi life phenomena that; the only difference between a common Balochi under a Baloch Sardar and a goat in his herd is that Man has 2 legs and a goat got 4.

This is no secret now that US is planning to physically intervene and invade the mineral rich province of Baluchistan to wage the last phase of Af-Pak in exactly the same way they did with Libya and now doing with Syria. Under the facade of Human rights violations, they invaded Libya and killed hundreds of thousands of Libyan Muslims. Now they plan to attack and capture Gawader to cut a land route to Afghanistan as well as to fix and out flank Iran. Reportedly all the CIA and RAW assets are now fully geared up on the offensive in Baluchistan.

While there is high noon drama running between Pakistani government and judiciary; they are too busy there and: Jotiyou mae daal bant rahay hean; Media whose most of channels and Pakistani news papers are sold out; they are all full asleep.

If it is not for the mercy of Allah (swt) through Pak army; by now the enemy of this nation would have already made a Yugoslavia or Iraq or Libya out of us, says analyst Zahid Hamid.

It is observed that entire western corporate media and western diplomatic missions in the region with their military might are lined up against Pak army and it’s ISI to see them go down.

Link: Human Rights Watch report,%208%20February%202012.pdf