US finding retreat from Afghanistan worst than Vietnam


  By A Khokar   June 19, 2010

The developing scenario on the horizon in the West shows that US Pull out from Afghanistan is now eminent and it may start earlier than expected. In the West; all along Afghanistan war has been considered as an unwanted war and consequently Britain as well as Canada are seen impatient to pull out their troops much earlier than expected. US desperation is also gauge able who is looking for some grounds to avail a face saving exit. But a humiliating retreat of US is imminent which is written on the wall.

After going through the recent allegations contained in the Matt Waldeman report about the Pakistan government’s links to the Taliban should be seen in this context and this may not be difficult to ascertain that end game may be drawing nearer for which all the effort may be in place, to make Pakistan a scapegoat and throw the blame of US defeat on Pakistan that how an ally, who betrayed US and played a double game of working as the front state as ally of Us but underhand has been aiding Taliban which brought this day of defeat for the United States.

The US friendship with its proxy Pakistan may be seeing a drastic setback and may turned out to be a zero sum game rather may see a much bitter a phase for a long time to come— longer than the legacy of US defeat in Vietnam to keep US haunting in the future.

Indeed, the entire exit strategy for the US lead NATO forces rests on the assumption that in time, Afghan police and army would be able to take over from their western counterparts. This would allow NATO to declare victory and go home. Clearly, the fighting capability of the local recruits is still far short of what is expected of them, raising serious questions about what will happen when the foreign troops go home.

Gen McChrystal’s famous surge seems to be petering out and Helmond operation called operation; Mushtrak to cleanse the Taliban from their main head quarters in Helmand province has met its colossal failure. The local forces, trained at considerable expense by NATO troops, have proven to be inadequate for the task, and in many areas the Taliban are back in force.

The popular assumption that corrupt puppet Karzai’s government somehow will be able to pursue the Afghans to reject the Taliban, and help the government to turn the tide against the forces led by Mullah Omar and other extremist leaders or force them to come to the table to grab their share of power on offer but this too has rejected by Taliban in the face of colossal failure that US lead NATO forces has seen in Helmand. Taliban foresee their come back; earlier than expected.

Whereas the Taliban lead by Mullah Umer, are fighting a legitimate war of the freedom of their country against the occupation of foreign forces but in the neighbouring Pakistan, the scenario is entirely different. Where, the local Tehrik e Taliban (TTP) since raised by the American CIA to counter the efforts of Taliban fighting in Afghanistan have since been unleashing havoc in the country. TTP through their subversive actions have certainly caused a severe blow to its economy which has depleted it considerably to a very low on its graph.

TTP subversion has made many dents and left many painful scar to its economy and has left it depleted; but their act of treason and working as mercenaries for paltry money while playing in the hands of enemy of Pakistan has also left a good section of society which abets them; especially so called religious elites and groups are turned out to be morally bankrupt. CIA intrusions in our society may be objectionable but it is more damaging that the religious creed supposedly the defenders of the faith and Islam who enjoy a good hold on the illiterate masses of Pakistan is found trekking the route of treason and treachery. It is also tragic to know that the Pakistani patriots who try to name and shame them for their evil designs are subjected to their target killing.

Scars inflicted by TTP and its cohort may be visible in the society but it is very encouraging that the timely actions of the able command of Gallant Armed Forces of Pakistan; their iron fist actions in Swat and now in FATA against these stooges have brought a halt to their subversion. A planned cleansing of this parasite from Pakistani soil is vigorously being carried out to cleanse the traitors out and once again make this land – a real Pak land.

While American are set to retreat; a shiver in the pants of the hypocrite found ‘sleeping with the enemy’ is very much visible across the board and their dream castles are dismantling.


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