Seeing the Military Boots off from Islamabad


 By A Khokar   30 August 2009

Nawaz Sharif of PML-N has been prime Minister of Pakistan twice but whenever he is asked about any incident which involves the national security or any question about foreign policy; time and again the man has been ironically quoted saying that he knew nothing about those events. If it happened; he was not asked?

At the face of it, this may look strange but it’s a reality that not only Mr. Nawaz Sharif alone but all the other so called national executive and prime Ministers with the exception of few have invariably been seen in the same saddle. What is this predicament of ours that this nation is facing and masses have to put up with a series of nincompoop prime ministers and their governments.

If we may be able to summarize the past state of affairs in Pakistan, it will come to boil like this that where as normally countries have got their military forces but here in Pakistan somehow our military got a country of its own. On the other hand the feudal lords in the country are seen wed with the Pakistan Military for a marriage of convenience and even now when the Military is seen stepping out of this wedding but an alliance to reciprocate each other is still on there to stay atop.

 Previously, especially all the prime Ministers have been just the figurative stooges installed to represent an institution of so called parliament. An eye washes for the public or other international forums. This may be difficult to digest as such but it is a stark reality of our Pakistani society. All the political turmoil’s starting from the war on terrorism, the state of unrest of law and order in the country or the other socio economic ordeals in Pakistan; all this stems from this undeniable verity of Pak Military being in charge of Pakistani affairs.

Throughout our history, the military has been in command of all Pakistani affairs. Recent Jinnahpur map issue made to pop up was certainly a made up operation then—- initiated by Pak military ISI to undermine the emerging middle class civil forces in our metropolitan city like Karachi. The Jinnahpur map operation was nothing but a glaring example to suppress and undermine a middle class awakening in our country and an effort to nip this awakening in the bud that it had the potential to endanger the oppressing Military-feudal lord’s alliance and their regimes.

In Jinnahpur map fiasco, captain (now retired Major) Nadeem Dar and his rangers B Company were merely a tool used in that exercise which the poor guy Dar knew nothing about the reality of this operation. The present day dust being kicked in the media and the TV talks shows in regard to Major Dar is just a hype and may not amounts to anything. The so called Revelation by Brig Imtiaz Ahmed or its acceptance of as falsie and fabrication by the Corpse Commander Lt Gen Naseer Akhter about creation of Jinnahpur in Karachi enclave is also a hype created with vested interests. But this late revelation does matter because it then brought a large scale devastation and destruction in Karachi. It in turn resulted in killing of thousands which is a most heinous crime ever committed by the forces and this will certainly go far.

 Anyhow our freewheeling media may be keeping us utterly busy and entangled at present in its sensational hypes like Prevez Musharraf trial basing on the recent declaration of Chief justice selective and self serving verdict and that it is so vehemently pursued by its would be beneficiary PML-N—- or— on the other hand the latest Jinnahpur maps revelations’ bomb shell dropped to counter and fix up PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif in it—-but fact remains that on ground —–at last our military has since—finally decided to hand over the rein of this country back to civilian for a change and President Musharraf did hand over this country laden with economic growth to run it on key turn bases. Our civilian government should accept it as blessings for them and should not look back. They must count it their blessings in disguise and start with building this nation—- forward on.

 So far military has been considering herself as the sole guardians and the only elite, faith full’s force working toward the up keep and safe guard of this country (as they think). Now it is civilians’ turn that they have to come up with some messianic figure backed by the hardworking zealots to excel the myth of military in our home land and prove that after Military they are the best saviours.

This is a race game of the fittest and that who so ever excels other—is winner. But civilians also have to show their magnanimity to say thank you to Pak military and go ahead with serving this nation in yet better ways.

Pakistan need to take the example of Turkey that right from their inception of The Republic of Turkey, their Military forces— like we had in Pakistan have been at the hems of the affairs. Turkey could only bring a transformation in their society when more able elites were born in the civil society and thus Army was found more than willing to hand over the rein to them. Turkish Military was given a send off with dignity and respect. Present day Turkey is out on the road paved with excellence and with a progressive society and a vibrant economy.

The cunning provocative and underhand method since applied against the Military to secure and shine up the political gains; or the kicking up of the dust of their trials etc may not bring any fruit bearing results. I am afraid that at present if the civilian do not take a heed and are unable to deliver their best the departed ghost of military will be justified to revisit.

Keeping in view the present day anarchy created and shows of nincompoop like posture of men atop; rather masses will soon start begging military to come back and take charge. It is pertinent to note that People have already started remembering the old good days spent under military rules;

In Habib Jalibs words and remembering the bygone days;

He says:

 Go keh yeh  zeeast baa piyadaa thee

 Magar dhoop sey chaa-oun tou ziada thee