Two down; third on his way out

As expected the Jasmine revolution which bore the most potent potential to bring about a wind of change, of freedom and breaking of shackle of oppression for the subjugated and deprived Arabs; it was feared that somehow it will be hijacked by the chieftain of all the oppressor present in this region —US. Eventually this worst feared scenario —–has come to pass. But; will all the dreams attached to this revolution also be seen shattered now?

In the face of a classless, secular and non- violent movement which brought instant results that two tyrants from Tunisia and Egypt were seen packing their baggage and vanish. But none of the other Arab tyrants ruling many more countries wanted to be marked as third one to go out.

As the clock was ticking so was the tyranny across the board seen flexing its muscles. All the tyrants started giving away various numerations as a bribe to the deprived masses to defuse the uprising. Saudi Arabia, UAE states, Morocco, Oman and even Yemen, all were seen showing their generosity of a high scale. Saudi king generosity is remarkable that just on his health recovery from a spine operation abroad; he even before landing back in Saudi Arabia had announced a hefty bribe of 37 billion in the name of reforms for the deprived peoples and is issuing more .

The sweeping winds of Jasmine revolution in the Middle East have taken aback — even the every cunning pundits of Intelligence services who usually keep their hands on the pulses of masses, it also gave them a big surprise. The rein of tyranny and dictatorship ringed around the entire Middle East was seen shaking. The Western oppressive forces lead by US in control of this region never wanted that status quo of their installed rulers be changed. In the face of peoples’ demand US was also seen pedalling the high grounds of moral and appeared to be wishing all the best in favour of the freedom and peoples power but at Pentagon something very different was brooding. The awakening of youth against the tyranny was also challenging the existence of US owned well sought military power bases like Airbases in Saudi Arabia; the Central US command centre, CentCom HQ at Al Hudaud in Qatar and U.S. Naval Forces Central Command base at Manama Bahrain. These US assets needed to be safeguarded.

While all other tyrants were seen extending their hands of cooperation toward the masses that disbursing of a certain amount of candies may help save their seats of power; in Libya Ghadafi the mad man of Libya proved to be most different and a hardest nut of all. He plainly refused to entertain the wind of change blowing in the region. His forty years long– a one man rule has made him too haughty.

His brutal killing and destruction brought by him to his people is unprecedented. It has brought Libya at the brink of its disintegration. His escalation of atrocity is outrageous. The usual suspects; the marauders, predators just sitting across the Mediterranean shores the old western colonialists are more than happy to get fixed a UN Security Council resolution 1973 against Ghadafi to move in and retake the oil rich colony that previously they were compelled to abandon after WW II.

Astonishingly the OIC of Arab Muslims countries has not asked the Arab Forces of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria or UAE to implement a No-Fly Zone over Libya but have rendered an open cheque to the western coalition to go ahead and implement. The Western forged UN Security Council resolution 1973 is yet another rant that previously we kept on hearing after Iraqi invasion by US lead forces. The usual rhetoric that western forces in the name of peace and save guard the civilian are moving in—- is invariably filling all the spaces on the media.

Eventually US have come in to head and lead the invading coalition formed in Europe. Ghadafi has started getting the poundings of long range Tomahawk cruise missiles and aerial bombardments to take out all his battle hard ware and whatever assets he has.

Resultantly; Kaddafi may be the third Dictator to fall in the face of the wind of freedom blowing in the Arab lands and whatever the consequences, western intervention may only be the reason of his fall. The taboo that who is going to be third Arab dictator that all of them were seen mustering their muscles to avoid it is now about to break.
Ghadafi might have to shed his dictatorship in hard way but to give away his powers to the peoples he has to. Hopefully Libya does not get disintegrated or divided into factions or fell prey to the western scavengers hovering around. But one is left aghast that this mass killing and destruction in Libya will be counted in whose name?

Arab land mainly constitute of desert and dry barren lands. Its surfaces may not be kind to its tillers to reap enough of food grains from them for living and people are forced to adapt to the nomadic way of life and thus they remain divided into tribes as well as pitched against each other. They feel safe in following their self proclaimed warlords and also open to their cruelty. The tribal culture has only given them the utter deprivation and misery. The assets of mineral resources buried under the sand coming to their hands in shape of oil and other minerals; demand that they may think and adopt to different ways of life.

We see that how easily the tomahawk cruise missiles fired by their rivals sitting thousands of miles away—in their arms chairs, ships and submarines are picking them as target and taking their assets out— one by one and destroying them. The adequate defence system against the aggressors could have been built in Arab world also. This also not hard to grasp that their rival wants to see them once again enslaved, deprived and subjugated. The notion of sticking to the tribal system and medieval cultural orthodoxy and keeping the wealth earn through oil revenue amassed in few hands may not work.

Ironically, the greed of money the tyrants and rulers they amass; they very stealthily keep it abroad to invest in Europe and US in business ventures and we see how easy it is for those countries to freeze their assets on flimsy pretexts and often leave them bare handed.

Alas they could invest these mounds of wealth in their own people. And if they may only know that this world belongs to the people who posses knowledge, got a knack of innovation and may lay hand on the natural economic resources. Muslim world they do have the potential and economic resources at hand which is required to be turned into practice and convert into technology—–to serve them and their cause.
But the countdown of Arab Tyrants continues; as how could be the fourth?

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