TV Channels Reopening: Supreme Court fails to apprehend the Culprit–PEMRA

 Supreme Court orders to Re-open Blocked TV Channels.

Dr Shahid  Masoud, President of ARY digital took the case of Blockage of ARY and Other channel to the supreme courts; where upon the Pemra chief secretary was summoned and was inquired. He plainly denied that he has ordered to block the transmission of ARY or Geo channels.

He produced an order issued by his office for all the cable operators in his support; Where he was caught that order content showed that; ‘Channels be Re-opened which clearly means that order to block the channels was earlier issued.

Supreme Court ordered to make sure that Channels be opened within half an hour.

 Ironical: Supreme Court having summoned the Pemra Chief Secretary and after knowing it that Channels were earlier blocked on Perma orders….in contravention of the set Rules, failed to apprehend the culprit.

Earlier the Sindh High Court also ordered the Pakistan Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and cable operators August 12 to resume broadcasting Geo News TV station, which had been blocked for the past 5 days.

The court issued the direction after a petition by some citizens who argued that blocking a news station deprives them of their freedom to access information, media reported.

PEMRA and the cable operators were asked to present their views before the court August 18, media reported.

Lahore High Court issued the order to restore the news channel on cable.

But the underhand draconian law pervades in the country where the thugs of PPP on the behest of present government are set on the loose to quell any opposing voices.