TTP: A Satan in the Robe of Preacher




Hakim Ullah Mahsud of TTP

By A Khokar   May 12, 2010

To organise a force of volunteers and make them believe in national cause, as is demonstrated by Taliban that they all very bravely rose up to the occasion to fight for the freedom of their country which is under occupation by foreign forces. Their fight is stretched over such a long period of time which it self is one hell of a big job. Their task is worth commending

Credit goes to the leadership of Taliban that they stood fast against all the odds and their testing times. Their resolve is exemplary that earlier they have been fighting a long atrocious war against Soviet Union. The world witnessed it that Soviet Union an Empire was forced to surrender and retreat in the face of their upright resolve and steadfastness.

Although soviet was evicted but it cost Afghanistan a wide spread destruction. War scars could be seen in all walks of life. Hundreds and thousands were perished but at the end they were rewarded well with their victory. They also became the reason that their friendly mega force; Unites States of America, on whose behest and their support, they could fight this war; USA was now a lone super power on this planet. Pakistan took the role of the director occupying the driving seat in this war.

Like all the loves and friendships that they carry an inherent fear of betrayal; the ‘Mujahedeen-US’ love also did not last long… USA betrayed them and parted abruptly, leaving them high and dry:

mohabtoun main ajab hey Diloun ko dharka sa

Keh janey koun kahaan raasta badal jaey

(Obaid Ullah Aleem)

Anyhow Mujahedeen who fought the war were able to form a government and build it on the ruins on their own. This government was called a Taliban government. But soon, the down fall of Taliban started. Foreign mujahideen who had come from Arab lands and Chechnya to fight Afghan war were still staying with them. A group among them who had seen one super power Soviet Union defeated at their hand and other; USA who had betrayed them and abandoned them; they were seen very weary of the situation. They decided to take a revenge for the betrayal– from USA.

Old fire of Pan-Islamism was rekindled and thus group called Al-Qaeda was formed. Reportedly Al Qaeda carried out attack on twin Tower in USA in vengeance, later known as 9/11. USA in retaliation attacked Afghanistan to eliminate the forces of Al-Qaeda. US came and deposed Taliban and occupied this country. Ever since, Taliban are at the run along with Al Qaeda with in Afghanistan or are occupying some old inaccessible sanctuaries in the FATA area of Pakistan.

Taliban may be able to restore their government in Afghanistan or not; this is a big question but having found Taliban and in Al Qaeda in Pakistan has put Pakistan in the adverse state of affairs.

USA after finding that they are unable to eliminate Taliban or Al Qaeda in Afghanistan or FATA; they rather decided to subdue the Pakistani government; considering it a host country of fugitives, with a hope that by subduing Pakistan they will be able to eliminate their foe, Al-Qaeda as well as Taliban.

In the process US specisl tool of subversion—CIA has managed to hire the stooges called TTP on a very high price with in Pakistan to carry out subversion and make sure that Pakistan is fully depleted and brought to the knees for its submission. The highly paid Satan of TTP disguised as orthodox religious preacher can be seen very much in action through killing, bomb blasts and other subversion acts. They have brought this country at the brink of collapse. Every target of theirs is with the aim to undermine the security forces of Pakistan, spread despondency among masses and malign the evolved government systems.

Irony is that the enemy’s doctrine is at work to bring the fortress of Islam, our dream land—Pakistan to its knees and make its society insecure within. Their basic doctrine implied is: “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”

To execute the plans of subversions they follow the CIA adopted lines: (Quote)“Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.”

The doctrine behind TTP operation and their success disguise as religious identity is that they believe that (Quote)“It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.” So they are unleashing their savagery accordingly.

The simpleton’s Pakistani lot, as most of them are ill-informed and ill-illumined; are also having a nincompoop government consisting of a old bunch of pilferer and looters imposed upon them. Interestingly some groups among the masses rather than averting and fighting the evil at its stem, they adversely look for a refuge in the very people like TTP whose agendas remains to eliminate Pakistan.