True Love Demands Hijab

In the nature birds and other mammals have got their plumes, feathers; their fur coats and beautiful hairs. Birds show off their plumes; the display of their colours and spread of it, all looks very pretty; a lovely consorting gestures remains on its display in the nature all the time to attract the partners. But, some how the nature has been very unkind to human beings; we human being, need to have artificial body coverings to avail the protection against extremes of weather; and need to wear other apparel as per the dictates of seasons.

Other than the general wears to protect our bodies; especially, women choose the colours and shades of their wears with the cuts and trims to feel good and look pretty. A special effort is put to enhance the feminine qualities and to cover or reveal the delicacy and contours of their loveable secrets. So; all women dress up very elegantly, wear makeup and put on ornaments and bangles. Women show off their bodies and figure to look charming primarily for their men; Men also try to dress up handsomely and want to be seen as refined and aristocratic. East or the West; we all want to show off; but we do stop short of the line; where our particular culture draws a limits for us and says; no more.

An unspoken limit is marked not to go beyond; to expose the bosom, contours or other delicate private parts, in public. Different cultures draw or prescribe different lines for their natives and these limits become their values and form a part of their… civilization. In the western society; people may be free and very promiscuous but they are certainly not seen strolling in the streets with out clothing. After all; Janet Jackson was also taken to the task…when her accidental show of bosom at a stage play was; some what… seen as very disgusting and awful.

In all the cultures of world; this is a common practice found among all the women that; while they are in the four walls of their houses; inside, they all are seen; dressed up very shabbily, in a clumsy out look and have their horrible hairdos or they wear very ordinary or no make up. But the moment it is announced that they have to go out for some shopping mall or to a market; a lightening stirs and a surge in them is worth watching. All the clumsiness vanishes with a wink; shabbiness is turned into prettiness; colour and shades come out and all the magic of cuts and reveals of bosom and butts… come at display and the beautiful hairdos are done. Air is filled with the fragrance, sweet smell, smiles and laughter.

This is a well known fact that dressing up of women for their men is taken as impressive phenomenon of their instinctive modesty toward men. It can be easily measured on the scales of their faithfulness, devotion, stability and dependability between the partners. Whether their display of beauty is for their own love ones, love mates, husbands or it becomes a feast for the prying eyes of some, on lookers roaming about in bazaar and streets? Certainly no one wants that any prying eye is cast on our loved one; may she be our fiancé, wife or sister. This aspect demands; a drawing of a definite line to safe guard the domain of our privacy and up keep of serenity in our love life; where the prying eyes ought not be allowed to tress pass. This may look bit harsh in some of the societies to adopt but many cultures do prescribe a good covering of the feminine bodies of their love ones, when they go out in the public; especially in the Middle East and other Muslim world. Middle Eastern are predominantly Muslims. Their act shows; they must be very passionate in their love and its connected affairs; because all the true loves do demand Hijab!

God Almighty knows and adores the qualities that delight our eyes. In order to maintain sanctity of true love and ensure the serenity and peace of mind remains prevalent in society. God prescribes a suitable veil to be worn for women and Allah says in [Al-Nur- 24:32] “And say to the believing women that they restrain their looks and guard their private parts, and that they display not their beauty or their embellishment except that which is apparent thereof, and that they draw their head-coverings over their bosoms, and that they display not their beauty or their embellishment save to their husbands, (And other known family members)– Quran gives a list.

All the True Loves demand Hijab.