Too late the Hero

By A Khokar   July 2, 2010

But credit goes to the man that at least after shedding all the lethargies; at last this dread full case of drone attacks has been moved by someone like the Maestro…Imran khan. Hope fully this will give us the opportunity to see that how our courts serve the country and pass an order to save guard the honour and respect of the people and uphold the rule of law of the land.

The provocative drone attacks by US forces are being carried out on daily bases; Reportedly the mountainous stretch of areas between Parachanar and OarakZai and Hangu of Northern Waziristan areas are the prime targets of drone attacks; where supposedly the terrorist of Al Qaeda and Afghani Taliban are using this rugged and most inaccessible locations as their sanctuaries and reorganising centres. Allegedly they carry out their attacks inside Afghanistan against the NATO allied forces from these arrears.

Google earth map reveals that Parachanar is the centre of projected enclave of North Waziristan and OarakZai in the east of Parachanar forms the hub of the entire area. The lush green mountain present a unique scene of terraced farming dotted with farm houses over a vast area. OarakZai is surrounded by thousand of such farm houses with large space and spans in between and spread over some 50 miles around it on the mountains. The entire dwelling seems accessible with dirt tracks. Town are served by good quality roads. Parachanar is connected with Thal, Doaba and Bannu in the south; whereas it is also connected well with OarakZai and Kohat in the east and Hangu.

Other than the high mountain ranges; every spur in the area seems to have a farm house built on it; ironically every house with the high walls fence built around it is seen turned into a fortress. This gives a suspicious look and presents itself a target for the drone attacks.

Hundreds of such farm houses (Deras) have since been blasted with their household killed and buried in them.

I wish that Imran Khan who claims to be the flag bearer of all such discriminations was also able to visits the area on ground and would have been able to raise his voice right from the target area.


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