To Hell with Israel….and Murg bar Amrica

By A Khokar 
To Hell with Israel….and  Murg bar Amrica: This is a cheap and superfluous slogans chanting exercise which may well be able to pump up the adrenaline in our blood and make the emotions run wild;—but history says that this exercise have not served any good to any movement in the world of Islam…not even to Palestinian that Israel is in full occupation and a physical control of Palestinian territories; neither it has served any cause of the chief of instigator of these slogans—Iran, in this regard.
Palestinians are fully subjugated by Israelis and Iran is finding herself isolated, deluded on the behest of Israel in the international community. Question is that to what avail is this chanting of slogans? Muslims claim that they are here in this world to serve God or his religion Islam. Do these inert Slogans serve any purpose or advance the cause of Islam? Answer may be;a BIG NO.

Rather than slinging the volleys of— ‘Hell with Israel’ or Murg bar Amrica…. let the Muslims get on with striving hard in achievement the required education, research and technology. It is better and advisable to lie low and ‘run deep; run silent’ for the time being, till such time they attain such advancement and superiority and made that day possible n dream come true when Muslims will be considered at par Israel and poised to excel in all the spheres of technology for the service and security of humanity. 

After all for how long  Palestinian poised as a front state against Israel; will have to keep on sending the juvenile suicide bombers to encounter, halt stop the advancing Israeli Markova tanks charging on Palestinian homes and Apache strafing the defenceless Palestinian in their streets—- destroying everything and every structure which comes in their range.

To come up with sling shots throwing stones against charging Tanks and firing of ill aimed katyasha rockets against advancing Israeli Army; is totally absurd.

 This exercise is useless, flawed and inert. It is Non-sense; a sheer nonsense.

  After all God Almighty has given His clear orders to believers:

 Surah Anfal; 8:60.And make ready for them whatever you can of armed force and of mounted pickets at the frontier, whereby you may frighten the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you know not, but Allah knows them. And whatever you spend in the way of Allah, it shall be repaid to you in full and you shall not be wronged”

Deterrent; deterrent and a potent invincible force are the only answer…. and in this age and time; who stops Muslims to muster all their resources and raise become one such invicible force?