To Drag Zardari in NRO Scandal is Not Justified

By    A Khokar     17 December 2009-12-17

Kudos to CJP, I M Choudhary that he has been able to read the writings on the wall and felt the prevalent heat in the Pakistani streets that NRO was never a reconciliation and neither it carried any conciliatory spirit in it but was a verdict since ordained to facilitate a few and enable them to re-enter this country safely and take charge the rein of Government. Rightly so, The Apex court; the supreme Court of Pakistan finding the NRO against the spirit of Constitution of Pakistan has declared the NRO as ‘void ab initio’ (as it was never there).

For Public Consumption this scandal was duly wrapped with the hint of reconciliation and labelled as national reconciliation order.

It was a new tactical manoeuvre since crafted by CIA to try and have a blood less regime change; a form of coup in a proxy country like Pakistan where CIA wanted to install the persons of their choice and had selected Miss. Benazir Bhutto. Reputedly she was trained by CIA; nurtured and moulded like the Chicago boys of late seventies in the light of Milton Friedman doctrine—-where special Chilean and Brazilian groups were trained in United States and were sent back to their countries. They were asked to run a run of economic advancement scheme through ‘creation of economic disaster and anarchy’ and see how best it achieves the required result to subjugate the people of targeted country. After General Augusto Pinochet of Chilly; General Pervez Musharraf along with Miss Benazir was the chosen one in Pakistan in order to subjugate this powerful nation which possessed the nuclear armaments.   

Miss Benazir was given a special programme to run this country on a given CIA lines. General Pervez Musharraf in power in Pakistan was asked to make necessary arrangements to give her the red carpeted reception for her safe landing. Accordingly grounds were softened up and general Election was also duly orchestrated to hand over the rein of government to her.

Election schedule was announced but it could be felt that after arrival in Pakistan Miss Benazir— on seeing her victory stage drawn so near—- had a change of hearts. A clear mode of defiance was found displayed in her conduct. There were clear signs of betrayal found surfacing in her daily rhetoric and political plans. Musharraf who was supposed to be given a safe exit; it was seen that it would be denied to him. CIA plan was seen going topsy-turvy. Warning shots for Benazir were also sounded but finding her trekking the path of denial——— the lady—an able daughter of this nation was taken off the scene for her betrayal. She was eliminated right before she could assume the command of this nation.

After Miss Benazir Bhutto, the assuming of seat of power by Asif Ali Zardari is just incidental that after her sad demise; PPP could reap a sweeping sympathy vote and man being the widower of Benazir was crowned on top to occupy an ancestral seat of his party. His entry is simply incidental. Under the circumstances he may be seen as a beneficiary of NRO also that he came in Benazir Bhutto’s knapsack as luggage —but to blemish him being the prime suspected character in NRO scandal is not justified.

 “America has no friends, only interests,” says the US foreign policy dream doctor Henry Kissinger. It is seen that entry for all the US proxies is always with great pomp and show but their tenure always terminates like the fate of General Augusto Pinochet or President Saddam Hussein that utter humiliation becomes their fate and Gallows awaits them at the end—— This could have not been different for Miss Benazir Bhutto?

But—- sorry for those darling buds of May that they were plucked before they could bloom.[ Afsous un ghunchoon peh hey; jo bin khilay murgha gaey]

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