Time Square Bomber: The Third Dimension to His Act

By A Khokar  May 08, 2010


There can be some three dimensions or sides to this incident. Or say to this plan of carnage in order to create a scene of havoc in place like Time square in New York:
1. A terrorist act as claimed by TTP (Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan- a CIA brain child). Reportedly they are boasting around that they planned and carried out this act to show that they even can target well inside in the heart of America.
2. The man has been radicalised. Any American citizen as Mr Shahzad is; when ever he/she visits a war zone like the one we have in Tribal area in Pakistan. It is but essential that after seeing the destruction and carnage being brought to the innocent people owing to the atrocious acts of USA by Drone attacks and other CIA covert subversive operation being carried out by TTP on the behest of CIA, inside Pakistan. It is likely to stir the conscious of any human being and that he may turn against USA and indulge in such sort of activities.
3. The Third dimension is the CIA Covert Operations that a man who fits all the grounds to be a covert. He was jobless; a common US citizen problem; no job, loss of house and meagre amount available to run the life, a desperate man; plus being a person from the area of war zone—very befittingly, he is picked up by CIA; which is not unusual and has been involved in this terrorist act of violence that makes the most crude pathetic type of car bomb; a recipe from the “Anarchist Cook Book” that—-where as it make a big news but does not explodes.

Every action  has got certain aims and in present date and time when US is fixed up in Afghanistan war and has planned to quit this war in humiliation as this war become an winnable war. It leaves behind Pakistan; an ambitious and potent Islamic nuclear state in charge of this region. US as well as India may well be desirous to strengthen the prevalent perception that Pakistan remains prone to the Terrorist attacks and her nuclear weapons be taken away from Pakistan or at least kept under a special international vigilance body where practically Pakistan is seen defanged.
Considering the arguments explained above the third dimension may be the most appropriate and befitting and we may discuss it out.