Those beautiful are not yet born.

By  A Khokar     December  03,  2010

In the light of stark revelations made by Wikileaks it can be seen that Pakistan as a satellite state is practically owned and managed by America. There are other some four local stake holders operating in this forsaken country.

1) Pak military which holds all the powers in the country and exercises the Command and political Control of the country, its foreign policy and the Finance matters.

2) The corrupt politicians that after practically handing over all the powers to military they are busy in making money and looting the national assets.

3) The toothless Public caught in a hapless situation of anarchy engulfing the country.

4) The power Hungry religious extremists, who hold the masses by their throats and enjoy a practical hold in the streets of Pakistan by spelling fear and terror and are busy in subversion; dismantling and depleting the country assets.

Under the circumstances; this country holds no future of its own; till such times that a real Maestro comes up.

But probably those beautiful are not yet born.