This may be a Long Walk Home

Attabad Land slide captured by a passerby

The Spill way which is not steep enough to assist an expected erosion

 By A Khokar  May 31, 2010

This was expected that under the present plan the subject spillway/ barrier of Hunza River at Attabad will be eroded and major water out flow of the lake may start soon but unfortunately this is not happening as expected.

 Keeping in view the long length of blockage of the barrier and nature of the surrounding hills, that by attempting any mechanical blasting to reduce the barrier; it is feared that hills prone to triggering further land sliding will start refilling the blocked mouth.

 Reportedly, the fresh water pouring in the lake is much higher than the small drain at spill way point. The expected erosion of 4 to 5 seepage point is also not working; thus the water in the lake keep on rising; engulfing more and more of upstream houses and villages.

 But it is most important that mechanical measures be under taken to induce the drainage of the water to at least purge the increase of fresh water level pouring in from the melting glaciers.

 Blasting of the barrier may be out of the question as it may trigger the further landslides and result in adding in the blockage. As suggested earlier artificial siphoning through large hoses may be the only solution to remain in control of the situation.

 At the same time effort for a secure excavation of barrier as well as enhancing the seepage point to facilitate the main drain of lake may be carried out to achieve the required results.