This Funny Old World

By A Khokar       9 September 2009

This will be appropriate to mention here that all the societies of the world they always carry a pertinent mindset of their own, whereby they love to live with it and like to be governed and remain immersed in its—– so called bliss. The people and the communities they carry these self crafted myths as beast of their burden. Decade and some time centuries may pass but that mindset or the perception is rarely changed.


In the fields or religion this is found more so difficult to fend off any such notions. History tells us that all the prophets sent by God Almighty could hardly make any massive break through; rather they were always jeered and mocked. But with a passage of time, people eventually did realize their teachings and did come to submit in large numbers to their set folds but it all happened with a very slow process and on extended time span.

Our Modern religion is hardly older than about six thousand years or so. Prophet Abraham (as) is our Common father of all the main three modern religions, Judah, Christianity and Islam. God Almighty says [2:135] ‘Nay, follow ye the religion of Abraham who was ever inclined to God’ and an obedient pious soul. After Abraham*, Moses*, Jesus* and Muhammad (saw) are the law bearing prophet who were given books by God Almighty.


God Almighty says that He selected the religion of Islam for the mankind and Abraham was the first such prophet of Islam. God imparted his teaching through His given books and Moses was given Torah for his followers and were named as Israelite. Jesus (as) came as Judah’( Israelites) reformer; whereas in shape of Islam final teachings were imparted at its summit in a book of Quran and Prophet Muhammad(saw) brought this universal book for the mankind for which Prophet Muhammad (saw) is called seal or the stalwart of all the prophets or Khatumun Nabiyeen– the one who excels all others.


Although God Almighty bestowed his teaching and His given religion has been progressing leaps and bounds and with a flow of perpetual bless-full guidance which has never stopped but most of the people have been preferring to old ruts of their denominations like Jews and Christian and today even in the wake of latest revelation in the fields of religion and advent of Islam that this whole world is aware of it; we do have the older denominations in existence and yet other very old religions like Hinduism and Zoroastrian also being followed. This is unique phenomenon people have always disregard the arrival of any new prophets and invariably his teachings were very vehemently rejected.


Today Jews are carrying a misconception that Jesus the Christ (as) has yet to come whereas after his blessed advent some millennium have passed by ( Dunia ko hey khaber magar tum ko naheen) but they are still stuck with the same old evolved concept and keep on praying to God very reverently in front of Wailing wall that—- When God will make to appear Elijah and to tells them that when their saviour Jesus; the king of the kings will arrive?


They are doing all the preparation like grabbing all possible lands around Israel that it is their promised land given by God and that they should have in their possession all possible lands with them prior to Jesus (as) arrival to establish his Kingdom.


Reportedly they are the most busy lot in the field of their religion. They are swarming in and migrating to Israel against all the odds.


Likewise when the Jesus (as) came, although Jews rejected him out rightly but later people called as Christians accepted him as their reformer. They duly revered and followed him to the extent that simply being in love with him, the Christian elevated him to the lofty position of son of God and in another case even God himself(refer the prevalent Trinity myth). They totally do not believe that there is something called as Islam as a divine religion and that it is the final Word of God Almighty bestowed to mankind whereby God has completed His religion selected for the mankind and Muhammad (pbuh) brought it through the Book: Quran e karim.


Muslims also may be claiming themselves— as the latest believers in the field of religion but they are also stuck in illusions and like Jews may not like to believe that they have got yet their own Messiah and Mahdi among them as prophesised by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He is called Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of Qadiyan, the Mahdi and Massieh Maoud (as). Like Jesus (as) he was also rejected by main stream Muslim community.


As per the unfortunate consensus advocated and debated in religious circles of Judaic at the time of Jesus(as) and the prophet of God, their reformer was out rightly rejected; likewise– in Pakistan the followers who accepted Mirza Ghulam Ahmed as Promised Messiah in Islam were declared Non- Muslim and as such thrown out of pale of Islam. His followers are now grown into millions and are called—– Ahmadies.


This is a funny old world; it loves to live the life of mysteries and illusion and to remain hung in Cuckoo lands. They may not leave the old mythologies or the ruts so easily. Not surprised that Ahmadies in Pakistan are being persecuted so vehemently—- but Ahmadies—— they are living among them against all the odds and them happily sing songs of Obaid ullah Aleem:


Oas kay naam peh marain khanaa; abb Ehzaaz Humara

Aisee kissi kee yeh izzat ouqaat Naheen daikee.

They feel honoured that they get persecuted and executed in the name of God Almighty and they are the only one who are holding on to the latest commands to take God message forward——— against all the odds.


Their Moto is: Love for all, Hatred for None


*Peace be upon them all

[1] Kissi key bas main naheen tha,kissi key bas main naheen

      Boulandion ko sadaa pamaal kar rakhnaa——————-