This Defiance may get you Killed

In recent past numbers of Pakistani leaders were killed and we do see that certain political parties and their affiliates tend to keep them placed on very high pedestals as they all died in the best cause and services of Pakistan but sadly this may not be true. So let’s try to see them in somewhat true prospective and avoid viewing them on the pages of distorted history as one has to be very careful not to absorb the bad with the good when we emulate the heroes.

If we only know that ZA Bhutto and Miss Benazir Bhutto who are graded as much high and ambitious leaders, in the eyes of masses but they were sadly put to death for their show of defiance toward their consort—US. They were unable to test the waters when US considered their acts—a revolt of a bosom ally. Ziaul haq too was killed under the same pretext. Lesser grade devils like Pervez Musharraf and Zardari; their lives may be spared for their unique display of loyalty as US proxies, with the hope that they may be allowed to pass their later days of life—on exile.

Z A Bhutto: If we may recall that he was seen by US as an emerging Asian leader who had started threatening US and Western designs and their interests in this region. After holding a famous Muslim leaders Summit Conference at Lahore in 1974, it was seen that he had started uniting some of the Middle Eastern leaders behind him which would make the western standings in ME somewhat untenable … Thus he was removed by sending him down the gallows. He was an ambitious leader but lacked the vision notwithstanding it that he may not be allowed the chance to swim freely in the very river where other ferocious crocodiles rule and occupy the spaces.

Miss Benazir Bhutto opted to trek a safer route. Unlike her father, she offered her services to US to be their subservient for which, she was trained and nurtured for long seven years in the west to become a perfect US Robot… She was made to land back in Pakistan on red NRO carpets laid by Musharraf to receive her on the prize post to be the next prime Minister……But somehow soon after her landing in the country, she was seen in a defiance mood. This US Robot had started malfunctioning and before this that it started operating in breach of her contract with US as a defiant Prime Minister; she too was removed from the scene.

As Pakistanis we may be gauging it a great loss of an able and a ambitious young leader but US eyes it differently that they just eliminated a malfunctioning Robot of theirs—gone awry.

General Zialul Haq services extended to US are most remarkable. He went all out to wage a war by renting out Pak Army to US to fight a US war in Afghanistan. He attained a towering success and defeated Soviet Union in Afghanistan and made it possible for the US to become a World sole Super power but his faceless master-US had abruptly abandoned Pakistan leaving him high and dry and a frustrated man. He was left to deal with the huge burden of Mujahedeen warriors and their rehabilitation after the atrocious Afghan war. The present day state of anarchy and chaos gripping the country is all a doing of the old disgruntled Mujahedeen now turned against their own country in the shape of hirelings called TTP (Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan).

Anyhow; fearing that Furious Ziaul Haq may not turn round to challenge US; he was blasted while in the sky only to mark it a rule of ‘Machiavelli: The Prince’ that all the proxies must meet their end after completion of their assigned tasks and ought to be eliminated. Later all the left over stock pile of US arms and Ammo which included anti-aircraft missiles earlier used against Soviet Union and still held with Pakistan were destroyed by a major CIA subversion attack carried out at Ojhari Camp near Rawalpindi.

In the immortal words of former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, we must keep in mind that “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests” and you may certainly be killed any time on the charges of revolting—as a Bosom ally of—US.

Did they all lose their lives in the best services and cause of Pakistan; remains a big question?