There is Sure a Silver Lining on the Horizon

By A Khokar   01 January 2010

Pakistan was created on the bases of two nation’s theory to secure a separate ideological homeland for Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. But soon after the inception of Pakistan, this nation plunged into a deluge of turmoil that its two founding fathers Muhammad Ali Jinnah; the Qaid e Azam and PM Liaqat Ali Khan; their sudden deaths overtook them and right in its infancy this country was left at the mercy of its sycophants feudal lord adventurists. The utter lack of resources that Pakistan inherited at the time of partition and acute dearth of required governing structures, to run the country—-adversely put the new leadership rather in delusion and much insecure position.  Fearing a deep despondency among the masses after the sad demise of two leaders and expected anarchy in the country, they preferred to become a protégée of past western colonial powers to stay afloat—and thus they made their first anchorage on the shores of the United States of America.


The peoples who had offered enormous sacrifices for the freedom of this land and dreamt the dreams to see this land, a welfare democratic state of their own, rather in the face of dangers looming from all sides and threatening their existence, were forced to accept the new feudalistic Raj and its dictatorial leadership in the name of national survival. This is a first unique chapter of the History of Pakistan that its security became the prime factor and ever since, Pakistan is known as a ‘Security State’.

A ‘Security State is antipode or say; a paradox of democracy. It thrives on feudalistic and its totalitarian society. For last long 62 years of age of Pakistan, the factor of Pakistan’s security has willfully been over stated and exploited. No efforts were made to unify its masses as one nation and thus, this land has always stayed in the grip of rivaling and power hungry feudal lords in their respective provinces or the military dictators who followed them.


In democracy, masses they remain the fountains of its power all the times. That sort of chance which would have unified the society into a one single nationalist identity or enabled the democracy to flourish on these lines has intentionally been denied to the commoners. In contrast, the security issues of this country were always implied to dominate everything else so that it stays as a ‘Security State ’. It is seen that no leader has ever been allowed to survive long who showed his desire that rein of power be dished out to its real owners; the people of Pakistan and seats of power be taken away from dictatorial circle and brought to the public arenas.


A Security States demand that some very strong power pillars be built to support and keep it propped up. Rightly so the polarization of feudal power lords is promoted for the vested interests and supported. Military as its the symbol of power enjoys a prime position. Come what may, the power full feudal lords as well as commoners are obliged to support the military and see that under all the circumstances it stays strong and invincible. Thus military in Pakistan has always stayed beyond any kind of accountability and no wonder that with the connivance of above said powerful pillars has always stayed in control of this country. It is said that countries they own their military but in Pakistan, the military had a state of its own.


On the other hand, the democracy promotes the political culture and sense of harmony in the society. The human rights are taken care of and creative literacy flourishes. But unfortunately, in Pakistan, this specie has not seen its growth or was allowed to bloom and bear fruits. Under the circumstantial constraints, whenever the civil government enjoyed a free hand to take charge of the helm of affairs; ironically they indulged in looting and plundering the national wealth. In order to escape any accountability; they were very conveniently allowed to take the very first flight out of the country to escape and fly to their safe havens build out side. Pakistan is the only country in the world, the leaders of which chose to remain on, so called self exile to stay out in their safe havens at their own accord.


May it be Asif ali Zardari the present day President of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif the head of the opposition party, may this be the military dictator ex-president, Pervez Musharraf or anybody else in power; without an exception, they all have got millions of looted money stashed in European banks and their castle like properties are built out there to provide them the refuge and comforts.


But against all the odds; there is a mark change which can be seen started taking place all over in Pakistan. There is a unique awakening found among the masses. The horizon is although over cast with the dense fogs of corruption charges of present government and immense dust and smoke being kicked high by the devastating subversive activities of enemies of Pakistan living within. But at the back, entire horizon seems lit and glowing with a real golden change which is about to burst asunder.

Presently there is everything misty and in Pakistan, no one may like to give any credit for this change to the out gone President Pervez Musharraf or to late Miss Benazir Bhutto that the man, although he was a dictator who came up through a coup and the lady was out on a self exile and has been basking a life of luxury in Europe. But against all the odds, this can’t be denied that they both were able to set a pace for a real change; a change which may take Pakistan out of spellbinds of a ‘Security state’ and switch over to a ‘Welfare Democratic State’. The man arranged and fixed a ladder of democracy for this and asked the lady to come—climbing up.


But sad part of this episode is that the savage forces who do not want to see this change taking place (lest they lose their grip and their evil separatist designs go awry); they savagely exterminated the upcoming leader Benazir Bhutto right at her start line and sent President Pervez Musharraf out the exit door—- humiliated. While, they both are out of the sight— but surely, an initial change has since occurred in Pakistan. After February 2007 elections— a base and a stepping stone for a sure move toward democracy are in place.


Amid a wide spread chaos, the evil forces have since challenged this change. They have come out of their dens and are seen on their rampage.  Target killing, arson looting and carnage through suicidal attacks to undermine the security institutions and break the will of the people for this change is on.  Jammat e Islami, JUI (Fazlur rahman) and Tehrik e Insaf and their cohorts are at the back of this rampage forces to stop, resist this change to take place; transformation of security state Pakistan to‘Welfare Democratic state’.  They want that security issues of nation are heightened and taken to such a peak that military be asked to take over and come stay in power so they have a ready scapegoat to malign. This scenario may help advance their evil designs of declaring an Emirate of their own which has suffered a setback due military ongoing operations in the border belt along Afghan-Pakistan borders. Democracy may not bring forth the required results which is certainly not their cup of tea.


These visionless, slim picking renegade forces are not aware of this fact that their Godfather; the lone super power United States of America; the oppressor is very much present in the area rattling its sabers, to advance its own agenda. US is up against our home land to see it subjugated at its hand. They have infiltrated in our national sovereign defense lines and have created TTP (Tehrik e Taliban) an enemy within, to see that Pakistan is destabilized and fell disintegrated. TTP on the behest of US and its enablers like JI, JUI and TI are at the forefront in carrying out the rampage and the incidents like the Ashura procession attack and torching of top business Bolton Market in Karachi.


The Media which was granted a freedom during Musharraf era is busy bickering about the NRO; (National reconciliation order —a deal struck between both out gone personalities; Pervez Musharraf and Benazir to form a government).  Astonishingly, Media is restricted to its favorite topic being discussed on all channels that how the corrupt successors of Benazir Bhutto with all their baggage, riding on the wings of NRO as its beneficiaries—they came in and took the seats of power., where as our enemies are at their rampage and no investigative generalist are seen in action in this field [1].  Corruption of our present day leaders may be the talk of the day, but this NRO has since been declared ‘void ab initio’ (as it was never there) by Pakistan’s Apex courts adding more of turmoil and chaos but bear no significance.

A full fledge war is going on against the extremist of TTP and their cohorts on all fronts and our Gallant Armed forces are busy out there carrying out various sweeping operations to evict the extremist elements from the society and ensure that this change from ‘Security state’ to a ‘Welfare Democratic State, does take place at all costs. There is sure a silver lining on the horizon, bringing in a golden change in Pakistan.



[1] Meri Dunia lut rahi thi aur main mudhoosh tha

     Tukray,tukray dil kay chunta, kis ko intna housh tha

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