There is a long Dark Night Ahead

 By A Khokar    July 6, 2010

As per an estimate; in Pakistan so far some 28000 people have been killed and thousands more have been maimed, crippled and disabled to live their miserable lives;

 But why— the culprits have not been apprehended and punished so far?

 Why police does not chase or hunt them down and why none of the culprits caught have not been hanged like, we see in Iran that culprit within 10 days are seen hanging by the poles.

Above , everything else; why the judges do not punish them and knowing them to be such that they are the culprits and murderers—— they release them on the concocted pretext —- no substantial evidence?

The fear and terror spelled by the terrorist has gone so high that they directly threat the police officers conducting— court of inquiries— the prosecutors pushing their case and the judge to pass the judgement.

This nation is so insecure——no police, prosecutor or judge may dare take a step against them.

A long dark night of this nation has begun.


( Jis ko hou Dil o Jann aziz; ous ki gali main jaey kiyoun)

One thought on “There is a long Dark Night Ahead”

  1. i remember two christians, accused of blasphemy, on appeal were acquitted by Lahore High Court the judge was murdered and car of the lawyer appeared on behalf of the accused persons was torched, In these circumstances the judges naturally, in these bewildering environments
    many judges refuse to take cases of terrorist under one pretext or the other or feel safety in acquitting them.
    As far as Ahmadis are concerned many magistrates and judges had been themselves prejudice and instead of giving legal judgments preferred to pronounce popular judgments. honest judges remain under prssure of their own conscience or remain in constant threat of mullah brigades when some cases under sections 298 a b or c and 295b or c are entrusted for adjucation.

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