The Thriving Businesses of FATA

The most flagrant and heinous crime that one could ever think of is the crime that some one commits against ones own country, home land or the people. It is established fact that in FATA, the tribal leaders of area; Maliks and Khans they per purpose want this area to remain as the least developed area. The business they are involved in, thrives, in under developed areas, where common folk are destitute and poverty stricken; area be secluded with no go terrain; with no established road net work system and inaccessible, barren and void of any developed natural resources.

The prevalent hunger in the area makes the people vulnerable and they are ready to do any given job; that is the secret behind the businesses of brutal Maliks and Khans, to exploit the hunger and hire the people on paltry handouts. So these Maliks and khans hire the vulnerable common folks as foot carriers (Lugrees) of their business trade consisting of narcotics and smuggling of all sorts of contraband arms, ammunitions and other weapons as well as smuggling of range of lucrative commodities. Hijacking of dignitaries and other high stake peoples is another good business; hijack them; take them to the interiors of FATA also known as ‘Ilaqa ghair’ and release them on hefty ransoms. Pakistani Ambassador Abdul Aziz to Afghanistan is the latest odious example. He was hijacked and released only, when monies exchanged hands.

Another chapter of FATA business is business of deceit and treason; playing in the hands of foreign interests; and work as their proxy. Many a camps of training and indoctrination to breed terrorists are opened in the name of religious madrassas in FATA and in adjacent areas. Young jobless juveniles are trained and exported to desired destinations. World Super power like USA ambitious plans to advance her hegemonic designs, hems on orchestrating of this atrocious and detestable business of FATA enablers.

Keeping the FATA area as an under developed and under the direct control of federal administration is also on purpose on Pak government level. While India is our arch enemy and will always be; that Geostrategic location of Pakistan vis-à-vis India, dictates it as such. India is an emerging regional power but is a geographical locked country by Himalayas and Indian Ocean all round except its only overland routes open to economic natural resources areas in Middle East and Central Asia through a North West corridor; called Pakistan. So we may always be having trouble induced by India inside Pakistan from Swat to FATA to Chamman to Quetta, Kalat, Bugti Baluchistan and in Gawader. In view of this, Afghanistan as country, forms a part of depth in ‘Pakistan’s Defences’ against India expected onslaught. The well kept porous borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan serves that purpose.

Matter of the fact is that all the countries they do have geostrategic constraints but as long as we have got our own sons, living on this sacred soil ready to accept foreign monies in Baluchistan and FATA and else where; ready to play in the hands of enemies of Pakistan to sacrifice its sovereignty; unity, peace and stability remains a far cry.