The Terrorists Say: This Ostrich has its Head Buried in the Sand

By A Khokar 03 April 2009


All the training centre including the one attacked by the terrorist group in Lahore: Police Training centre at Manawaan are simple ‘boot camps’ where the recruits are imparted physical ground training in parade grounds to disciplined them and teach them the basic essential of their profession. Basic weapon training is also given which remain primarily instructional. Actual battle tactical training is imparted only toward the end of training to give them a taste of battle conditions called Battle Inoculation. In these institutions training weapons are stored at limited quantity. These places are learning institutions which needs not to be a protected like some armed forces units equipped with lethal battle arsenals.

But Police is totally a different institution which deals with civil population and does the maintenance of law and order only. Its teaching schools or training centers does not have any contingency plan to cater for such like eventualities i.e. to counter a terror attack that we had recently seen. Anyhow when the attackers appeared there; it is most commendable and appreciative of our Reaction Forces that they did act very swiftly. Within minutes they were there on the site to organize their counter operation. Operation was executed very successfully with minimum casualties— and sending back a real terrifying message to the culprits in return.

But one is amazed rather perplexed to note that when we have high security alert in the country; terrorist movement within the country from western end in NWFP to other end, laden with such sophisticated weapons, communication equipment etc has just gone totally un-noticed.

Leave aside the intelligence agencies that they failed or not? (Reportedly, as stated by the reinstated chief minister of Punjab they did not because they had already warned in writing and exactly pinpointing the subject target in details) But point arises; where has gone our public vigilance system why public is not aware or made aware of it to remain on alert and report any movement that they suspect?

Why these scruffy notorious Afghanis roaming about in the country are not sent back to Afghanistan now and why they are not checked or monitored here?

Recently on my visit to Pakistan in my area that it is coal mines excavation mountainous area [1]; in our central town which is tehsil headquarter also. One can find that these Afghanis have literally taken over all the businesses of the area. From a boot polish boy to Rehray wala, wagon and truck drivers, the main shop owners; the construction workers; one can see everything in Afghanis hands. The main coal business has also fallen to Afghani’s. One by one all the Coal selling places called ‘Pehras’ are now owned by them. I was told that even Area Nazim is also Afghani. One wonders that who bestowed them with this Pakistani nationality.

Although coal excavated here is of low grade but it is very good for the brick kilns (Bhattas) and coal business is thriving here. Most of the wealthy Afghanis having established a monopoly on coal, have got their good houses constructed in well to do areas, where as all others, after finding any open government patch or land are seen now occupied by their thatched roof dwellings where ever they can and make their families live. Those places are no go area for locals. There is an extensive movement of peoples which can be seen to and from these dens in the area. Religion is their best first line defence. [Dalta wakh koor wala jagh the; Parda daree thay]. Families live here in veils; no tress passing. Who knows how many terrorist also live their; if not, they may using them as their bounds while moving to reach their targets like police Training camp in Lahore. I saw one of the habitats built right next to the newly built sub-district court building on a beautiful spur. If not now; who would be able to evict them in future? Is anybody caring there?

I believe that especially in southern Punjab; it is particularly dotted with such sort of camps; they are being raised on open government patches, in low lying areas, disused lands and our guests are busy day and night converting them into their safe havens. In the second phase; the orthodox but wealthy mullah from FATA has also arrived in these dwelling; their mosques are coming up like mush rooms and this mullah is now out on preaching and at the very first hand; he is declaring all the locals; ’Hell bound for the life style that they lead.’ There is Satan which is preaching here using the religion as weapon and trying to bring them in the fold. Local fanatic Lashkars finding the opportunity ripe are found marrying up with them in singing their ‘chorus’ of vicious design, where mullah of JUI Fazlur Rehman is busy tying all such ‘wedding knots’. It is Pakistan’s internal war that FATA extremists have openly declared to gain control of the areas. This onslaught is catching us up, encroaching fast and taking us over in our sheer ignorance.

If they are refugees: they are governed by UNO regulations. UNO has laid certain rules. We must extend them the rights given by UNO only and need not to show, our some extra ordinary hospitability (in ignorance) that it results in losing our own homes and businesses. The Terrorists very well are taking us granted that: Vow: This Ostrich has his head buried in the sand. It is fact anybody landing in Pakistan finds it the most free country in the world. They can do whatever they like!

There is a dire need that we set our internal security net works up tight, introduce a neighborhood watch in our villages and towns, a general vigilance be enforced across our country, set up police report centers. Restrict these refugees to their UN marked camps and must check any encroachment by these stooges.


[1] Choa Saidan Shah is a beautiful valley of Salt Ranges where once famous Muslim philosopher and Astronomer Abu Rehan Albairooni  made this area his home for his astronomical research at nearby fort Nandna (now in ruins). This area is also known for its rose flowers, lush green mountains and rose water