Another Shoe Heard Round the World


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Latoun kay Bhoot; Batoun say Naheen mantay

After Birmingham where Zardari was disgraced and shoed during his speech; but on his arrival, back home—– there are scant chances that someone from public in this despotic regime of PPP,  may show that courage like the one shown by the Iraqi journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi who threw his shoes at President George W. Bush during a news conference in Iraq on December 14, 2008 and this shoe was heard round the world.

At Birmingham this was yet another shoe which has been hurled at yet another despot Zardari whose party PPP is in power. Shoes ought to be hurled on his arrival and must also rain down on his entourage. People may be fearful for their arrests  but to escape the arrests, number of people may spread out in the gathering and must simultaneously attempt to hul shoes like a ‘volley of fire’— coming from all sides at the one target Zardari and with one word— GO…Zardari Go!

Zardari’s conduct is a—–conduct of unbecoming of a disgraced person who happens to be our President that he is roaming about in Europe on his leisure trip away from the miseries of floods in Pakistan; like Nero of Rome who kept on fiddling with his Flout when Rome was burning.

The stooge is having a good time in Europe that too at the cost of tax payers; when entire Pakistan is engulfed in the miseries of Torrential rains and floods; which have snatched away all the resources of lively hood of millions and even took their shelters away from above their heads.