The Shifting Sands

By A Khokar December 9, 2010

Taliban in Afghanistan is primarily an ill equipped insurgent force engaged in fighting against the far superior foreign occupation forces of US and her allies. The occupation forces they prefer to remain in the confines of their heavily fortified bunkered bases and occasionally go out on patrolling excursions as a show of their force, where they also move under supporting cover by air and artillery fire power. The US Apache helicopters rescue squadrons remain available at call with their all the might and unique ability of manoeuvring.

In view of the tremendous fire power available to the enemy, Taliban rarely confront the allied patrolling forces except engaging them with sniper firing conducted to frustrate the enemy when they are out in the fields.

Seeing the exceptional satellite surveillance and precise target engaging capability of enemy, Taliban may also not afford to move in armed groups or able to launch a full fledged attacks on the major bases; so only the far-flung outposts or the isolated small bases are raided but ferociously attacked to tend the enemy to vacate those places.

But Taliban has the expertise in producing and implanting the road side IEDs which inflict horrific and devastating injuries to kill their enemy during foot patrolling and enemy is forced to resort to vehicular patrolling by their Hummer Armoured Vehicles and thus the US patrolling forces also remain restricted and confined to vehicles. Most of the casualties inflicted on US lead forces are owing to the IEDs or implanted mines against US patrolling vehicles.

Previously, the surprise attacks on the US logistic convoys and their quick disengagement after the raids have been the main source of arms and ammo catches for the Taliban and enemy was forced to employ more troops to escort the convoys in batches. Often the Surge in troops was dissipated on these escort duties. Lately the protection of these convoys is given to civilian contractors and very conveniently the Taliban disguise as war lords have taken over this task of convoy protection on a very high rates and it has become the main source of income toward the funding of their cause;—- other than what all they receive from the Middle Eastern brothers and the narcotic trades.

No doubt this War is costing a huge monthly expenditure to US in Afghanistan but the occupation forces they mainly remain confined to their fortified bases only. Literally they do not exercise any control over the occupied country , same is the case of the US planted Afghan Karzai government and its authority which remains limited to capital city of Kabul only.

In the face of the unique and far superior tactics employed by Taliban; it has made the US lead forces, even with such a tremendous fire power available at hand— like some sitting ducks confined in the fortified bases. Having no success or victory in sight and a perennial fear hanging over them of causalities whenever they step out; has compelled the US to resort to other diplomatic or covert means to survive in this region and withdraw its forces from Afghanistan altogether.

Under this option to resort to diplomatic or even the covert operation in order to survive or remain present and exercise US planned control in this region; US has very conveniently— (already) shifted this war to neighbouring Pakistan.

This is a great victory for rag tag force of Taliban that after the troop’s withdrawal; US will be left with no option but to negotiate or sign some truce with Taliban.

Unlike Afghanistan; where the ‘Ghairatmund Pathans’ live that they know how to lay their lives for their land and to remain steadfast even in the long unending wars; Pakistan is nation in which from a boot polish boy to President, all are corrupt.

To adapt to a profession of mercenaries and work as proxy of other superior nations like we are presently engaged, has taken the sense of pride and honour away from this nation.

Other than  Pakistani military forces that they are executing all their missions on US behalf and the corrupt leader ship that it has handed over even all its micro management to American…. It has turned this country to become a satellite state of America.

We the characterless and hypocrite are a nation —-surely doomed for good.

I wish someone proves me otherwise.