The Shattering Dreams of India


By A Khokar

The draconian Imperialistic Neocons (Conservative) policies to spread the U.S. hegemonic ambitions have suffered a humiliating set back on almost, all the fronts in the world. In the face of utter defeat and retreat; U.S. is simply catching on straws to sail back home with some face saving overlay semblances. U.S. riding on the wings of fallacy and deception is no more able to keep her wings up that in the very first heat spell of credit crunch at home; its capitalist wax keeping the flight wings together has melted away. The utter collapse in the capitalist Economic fields at home is forcing all the western forces to rush back home that monies are not available to fund their adventure abroad where huge expanse of armed forces are deployed in foreign lands especially in Middle East and Central Asia. It is incurring an enormous expenditure in billions per month for their up keep.

U.S. was at the look out for some patsy fall guy who could possibly look after their interest in case they abandon their plan prematurely. India with her ‘Chankian’ greed and ambitions [1]well known for bullying around and trying to keep a thumb, on all most, all the neighbors’ throats and it came up as their first choice

U.S armed forces are spread in Iraq and are in full operation in Afghanistan. As a prelude to her retreat U.S. was already trying to shift this war to Pakistan. In turn Pakistan’s western country was set ablaze through CIA covert operations. To advance their retreat plan further; U.S. was seen pampering India and threw an Indian hegemonic bate for India that she could not resist. The inherent Indian ‘Chankia’ greed awoke. Fore seeing it an emerging ruling super power in the region. India took this bate and it was also given a false impression of her opulence. Under the deluded projection to see it self taking over the rein of power and of a new role in the region in future; U.S–India special friendship deals were signed. U.S. was also eyeing BJP to head this plan as it had hoped that BJP will wins the next Indian general Elections (in early 2009) and may take on this job further with the full throttle as per U.S given Plans.

Although India was always told to be ready on her marks to jump on the wagon any time soon but this all was not done till U.S Conservative lost their hope of winning U.S. Elections at home. Only after the land slide victory of Barrack Obama; India was given a green signal.

In the above US Indian-US plan; the territory of Pakistan is chosen to be turned into next battle field, where this regional transfer of powers would take place on ground. In anticipated state of rather utter chaos and anarchy so spread; the old loyal proxy Pakistan will find itself standing like a stooge, a scapegoat and very conveniently, the baggage of terrorism that it carries may be declared as future rouge terrorist State.

As expected on 26 November 2008, there happened a despicable Mumbai massacre drama. Supposedly some 10 men were able to engage a set of multiple targets and carried out a killing rampage. Some 173 were killed on all seven sites and a land marked building like Taj Hotel was set on fire. It is observed that although there have recently been other incidents of even grievous nature; like Marriot Hotel attack in Islamabad, other repeated incidents of massacres in Pakistan, the Samjhota Express carnage, the Gujrat killings of Muslims, the Nuns debacle and the killing of thousands of Christians and burning of their Churches in India. Needless to mention the killing and raping of thousands of Dalits in India; the last couple of years have really proved to be the bloodiest years. A systematic carnage has been carried out by the brutal savage extremists at a massive scale. But some how India thinks that Mumbai massacre is greater than all; a master piece hype of all the bloody carnages because it was so well orchestrated supposedly by RAW and under the auspice guidance of CIA and Mossad that it should be seen excelling— all the other incidents.

Mumbai massacre has its special design and a specific purpose to conspire and implicate Pakistan in it. The implication charge could also clear the way to manage some UNO economic sanction for non compliance of earlier UNO dictates like extermination of LeT or JuD to bring Pakistan on its knees. Followed by subsequent UNO verdict to get declared Pakistan an epicentre of Terrorism and eventually to de-nuclearise it and see it disintegrated.

But unfortunately this ambitious plan which started with the Mumbai massacre drama in its first phase could not bring the desired initial results. So many people were massacred but neither Pakistan could be declared a country of terrorists; nor could India plunge, Pakistan into war. Even a sheepish effort to initiate a surgical strike in the name of striking Terrorist dens and target inside Pakistan could not be materialized.

Soon after the blasts of Mumbai; Indian air force did try to unleash its first such surgical strike inside Pakistan but the proud Pak Air force ‘SHAHEENS were ready waiting in the wings to engage and challenge the intruders and—- they did. The whole US-Indian plan went awry. The Indian dreams are seen shattering.

There were the clear writings on the wall that under the aberrant outlandish plan, Pakistan working as front state in the war against terror will be turned into another Iraq. But for the real weapon of mass destructions that Pakistan possesses happens to be the major hindrance in the way. These arsenals are the deterrence placed readied n armed at hand with Pakistan ensuring the safety and security of the sole Muslim nuclear state. US- Indian joint plan says; this fang is but desired to be taken out.

U.S. has very forcefully been implying the tool of terrorism to help flex her whip to bring the entire region under control. There is an ultimate plan to create a state of chaos and anarchy in Pakistan and make it utterly unstable in order to annihilate it once for all. The enemy is bent to eliminate the deterring faculty found in the organs of the defenses laid out by Pakistan in shape of its nuclear assets.

The terrorism is the myth cultivated in the dominion of deceit and is let to brew there in the soil of fallacy and deception. It’s a tactics and not an enemy. Covertly U.S. has used the soil of FATA (Pakistan) to let breed this terrorism in its sanctuaries that now Pakistan finds its western border area so polluted. The planted characters, here are stateless stooges bearing imaginary shadows. Chasing them is like chasing the ghosts.

But the atrocities committed in the name of quelling terrorism and devastation and destruction thus caused in its shadowy pursuit; killing and maiming of defenseless innocent in thousand is turning its victims into real enemy of the oppressors. A state of terror keeps on raging in a spiral wave form; with  every move of aggressor when innocent are targeted; the atrocious move churns the wheel of hatred and it automatically turn the victims into a fresh, new batches of terrorists.

The most glaring lesson deduced out of the prevalent war being waged against so called terrorism is that being a defense less nation is a crime; a self carved vulnerability liable to be punished severely.

It is ironic that here all the victims are the defense less, destitute Muslim nations. They happen to be on the wrong side of history in this juncture on this planet earth. They are probably not aware of the fact of present day era that this era is of the people who have the ability of innovation and possess secured energy resources at hand. Muslims have also forgotten the lesson which Allah; the Almighty has so vividly declared.

God Almighty admonishes Muslims in; Quran, Chapter 8 -Al-Infal: Verse 60. The verse says:

“And make ready for them whatever you can of armed force and of mounted pickets at the frontier, whereby you may frighten the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you know not, but Allah knows them. And whatever you spend in the way of Allah, it shall be repaid to you in full and you shall not be wronged.”

Deterrence and deterrence is the only answer which guarantees the peace and security in any country and in its neighborhood. It forbids even their arch rivals turning into adversaries.


Love for all, Hatred for None

[1] Indian Chankia mythology: Only the neighbors on the other side of your immediate neighbours are your friends.