The Promised Messiah, the Reformer in Islam: He is here

The phenomenon of religion  on this planet earth is as old, as the age of human being. Ever since; the required guidance to lead the life on this earth, has always been at hand from the creator of this universe. God almighty has been deputing certain chosen ones from among the masses to perform as his prophets in order to keep the masses on the right tracks.

 The set of guidance on receipt from God when were put to practice to live the life on this planet; was given the name as—their religion.

 The majority of the people in present era are  living  under the umbrella of Abrahamic religion—which God Almighty started some 6000 years ago with Prophet Ibrahim and it was perfected for the man kind after reaching at its summit some 1400 years ago at the hands of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and given the  name —-Islam.  In Quran God Almighty says ; [5:3] ‘This day have I perfected your religion for you and completed My favour upon you and have chosen for you Islam as religion’.

Ever since Islam as a religion has spread over many continents in leaps and bounds as a second largest religion after Christianity till the time that it saw its down turn in the face of European expanding colonial era toward the end of nineteenth century and then it met it down fall and finally the fall of its Muslim Ottoman Empire occurred in the beginning of last century.

The end quarter of nineteenth century is the time when in the wake of down turns and aggravated state of Islam; Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (as) came as the Reformer in Islam to guide and lead the Muslims by high lighting the areas where; Ummah deviated from the right path and met the down fall. He started his mission from a small town of Qadian in Punjab, India, when India as well as the entire Middle Eastern Muslim Block were under the British and European colonial Rules; It was a gruelling uphill task to reset the oars of Muslims on the right course and fill the sails with the fair winds in order to regain the lost glory of Islam.

He did not bring any new laws, neither he brought any new book but came to reform the Islam and Ummah to regain its lost glory.

With the inception of Reformer in any religion— all the doctrines and advocacies of previous school of thoughts like we have in Islam in practice to conduct the daily lives— if are not cast aside but in principal are held in abeyance and are subjected to the scrutiny and approval of the Reformer.

The termination of practices and other rituals—when are subjected to reformation; it is likely that it may bring lot of upheaval within the society which is but natural. Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed met the sharp and severest opposition and was even labelled as imposter as he was out there to change the book of Holy Quran or the teachings of the Holy Prophet (pbuh); but in fact not an iota of it is changed or touched upon.

After his advent as reformer; principally all the old doctrines of former Imams in Islam, i.e. Imam Maliki, Imam Al Shafi, Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam Ahmad bin Hambal advocating their different school of thoughts as per their understanding of Islam are supposed to be put to a scrutiny and sifted through the filter since set by the Reformer under divinely instructions; and all the practices and theologies so devised will cease to function and subjected to the rejection or approval by the Imam e Zaman, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed (as).

As stated  earlier; the effected schools of thought whose given theologies were challenged; obviously would  felt deprived of their authority and feared losing of the opulence amassed and respect earned among the public; they all were likely to make lot of hue and cry; possibly violence was also expected to erupt. Efforts were made that the reformers himself be rejected altogether. History of Pakistan where Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Jammat exist, is full of all such mishaps.

This is the harsh reality and the real crux of the matter explained above in respect of the Reformer in Islam; and in any case all the old theologies even approved are to get the new seal  and may be included in the terms and condition envisaged by the Imam e Zamana, under the name of the Reformer, as a  New Order.

We are passing through a phase where the Reformer in Islam; Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) is yet to be fully recognised with its full authority. So upheaval, turmoil, rejection, acceptance, persecution of his followers, looting, arson, creation of country draconian laws against them; throwing them out of the pale of Islam or pushing the follower of Reformer to subhuman categories; all are a part of game of the phase that we are passing through.

The earlier example of Jesus (as) is in front of us. It took some three hundred years that man could be recognised as such. But it is strange enough to note that he was ultimately not recognised by the Jews (Israelites) among whom he came but a fresh new thread was opened and Christianity took a start.

 In the world of Islam; Allah knows best how the things will take shape but we know it for certain that a new thread has started called— Ahmadiyya.