The only WMD found in Iraq; Flying Shoes

By A Khokar
17 December 2008 

Cartoon: courtesy Truthdig 

Last Sunday, President Bush ducked two shoes hurled toward him in Baghdad.

And the “shoe incident” shows how the results vindicated his stubbornness. A great deal of justified criticism can be leveled at the Bush administration that Iraq has turned so dire.

The shoe-thrower Muntadar al-Zaidi (who works for an Egypt-based media outfit) walks out in his stocking feet and becomes a hero to dead-enders, he unwittingly showed what a great thing has been accomplished in Iraq.


But imagine if an Arab journalist had thrown his shoes at Saddam Hussein or one of his guests, the tosser would’ve been beaten, then tortured and ultimately killed along with most of his nears and dears. 


We can say that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is an installed stooge; a puppet of United States but point to ponder is that other than Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, what Arab head of government holds free-wheeling press conferences? “President” Mubarak of Egypt ? Assad of Syria ? His Highness the Saudi king? Qaddafi? If an Arab reporter had “shoed” any other leading Arab ruler during one of their staged events, he would’ve been fortunate to escape with his life.

 The media have been having a ball with the video of the Great Baghdad Shoe Toss; especially the media of Muslim world. But they’ve missed the point completely. This reporter muster the courage to hurl his shoes at U.S. President: He knew he could get away with it.


This incident has only positive note in it that today’s Iraqi government is considering whether the man should be charged under the state’s democratically validated Constitution.


I wonder why he spared al-Maliki and whether any other journalist will ever gather enough courage to toss the shoes at any Arab leader also. After all we know that the entire Middle East is full of tyrants and dictators that we don’t like.


Can any one dare trying the same in Pakistan?

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